Biden: I Prevented Israel from Invading Their Own City (Video)

Written by Michael Carter.

During a recent campaign stop in Scranton, Pennsylvania, President Joe Biden made a confusing statement about Israel’s strategic military decisions, mistakenly referring to the Israeli city of Haifa instead of Rafah in Gaza.

Biden’s Misstatement

The President declared, “I made it clear to the Israelis, don’t move on Haifa,” causing a pause filled with uncertainty. His attempt to articulate a stance on Israeli military actions instead showcased a significant geographical error.

The Real Intent

Biden’s actual intent seemed to focus on dissuading Israel from military action in Rafah, a critical location in the Gaza Strip near the Egyptian border, known for being a stronghold of the last Hamas battalions and possibly where Israeli hostages are held.

Haifa’s Significance

Contrastingly, Haifa is a major Israeli port city, known for its diverse population and cultural coexistence. It stands as Israel’s third-largest city, following Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, and also serves as a global center for the Baha’i faith.

Our Take

President Biden’s mix-up of Haifa and Rafah is not just a slip of the tongue but a concerning indication of confusion at the highest levels of U.S. diplomacy. As the leader of the free world, it is crucial that Biden accurately represents facts on international platforms. Such blunders not only embarrass but also potentially undermine the strategic clarity and credibility necessary for effective leadership on the world stage.

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