Boeing Executives Under Fire: Whistleblowers Reveal Cover-Up

Written by Thomas White.

In a stern Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee hearing, whistleblowers accused Boeing of hiding critical information regarding plane safety.

Whistleblowers Speak Out

Former Boeing manager Ed Pierson, now the executive director of the Foundation for Aviation Safety, leveled serious allegations against Boeing’s leadership, stating, “This is a criminal cover-up.”

Despite previous assurances to Congress that specific documents were missing, Pierson testified he had directly handed such documents over to the FBI. The Epoch Times has reached out to Boeing for a response.

A History of Concerns

This isn’t the first time Pierson has raised the alarm. Following the fatal crashes of two 737 Max planes, which killed 346 people, he testified about Boeing’s hurried production processes. According to Pierson, despite the deadly incidents, Boeing’s operations remained unchanged.

“No accountability, not a single person from Boeing went to jail…and there’s been no justice,” Pierson stated, warning of ongoing risks to passengers.

Quality Concerns Continued

Echoing Pierson’s concerns, Boeing quality engineer Sam Salehpour told the committee that Boeing’s drive to boost production led to dangerous shortcuts. He observed fuselage gaps on the 787 Dreamliner that often went unaddressed, and after raising these issues, he faced severe workplace retaliation.

Calls for Accountability

Both whistleblowers and lawmakers stressed the need for thorough investigation into Boeing’s practices and the effectiveness of governmental oversight. Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) emphasized the need for a detailed probe to both hold Boeing accountable and ensure its future success by confronting these issues head-on.

Government and Corporate Oversight

Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) announced plans for further hearings and expects Boeing CEO David Calhoun to testify. While Boeing did not attend the hearing, a spokesperson stated the company is cooperating fully with the Senate’s inquiry.

Our Take

The testimony provided by Pierson and Salehpour paints a troubling picture of a corporate giant prioritizing profits over people’s safety. This hearing is a crucial step in ensuring that those at the helm of such critical industries are held to the highest standards of integrity and accountability. It is paramount for both the safety of the flying public and the credibility of American aviation that rigorous oversight and stringent enforcement of safety standards are maintained. The time for corporate executives to evade responsibility for their actions must come to an end.

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