Californians Arm Up As Border Crisis Worsens (Video)

Written by Jacob Sullivan.

El Cajon, a suburban community near San Diego, is witnessing a dramatic rise in firearm purchases as residents seek to protect themselves amidst an influx of illegal immigrants. Cory Gautereaux, owner of Firearms Unlimited California, notes a significant increase in sales due to growing local concerns.

Residents Voice Security Concerns

Long-time gun owner Keith Carnevale and his family reflect a community on edge. Keith highlights a shift in his security needs due to the perceived threats from some newcomers, not merely seeking employment but potentially harboring malicious intent. His son, Anthony, also raises questions about the government’s passive stance on unchecked border crossings.

Local Impact of Border Policy Changes

As Texas strengthens its border security, many migrants are redirected to California, particularly the San Diego area. This shift has overloaded local U.S. Border Patrol (USBP) capabilities, leading to frequent releases of migrants into communities like El Cajon. Sharie Finn, a local resident, now feels compelled to carry her Glock pistol consistently for personal protection, influenced directly by her interactions with families affected by crimes involving illegal immigrants.

Community Leaders Acknowledge Safety Fears

El Cajon’s Mayor, Bill Wells, openly discusses the dual threats of violence from the increasing immigrant and homeless populations, affirming that the sense of insecurity is driving more citizens to arm themselves. The situation is exacerbated by the USBP’s policy of releasing asylum-seekers into the city, overwhelming local resources and heightening tensions.

Our Take

The situation in El Cajon is a glaring example of the consequences of federal inaction and mismanagement at the border. It’s evident that when national security is compromised, the ripple effects are felt deeply in local communities. The federal government must uphold its responsibility to secure the borders and manage immigration effectively to ensure the safety and well-being of all Americans. Localities should not have to bear the brunt of national policy failures, nor should citizens feel compelled to arm themselves against potential threats due to inadequate border control.

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