Civility Declines Under Biden Administration. White House Staffers Call Trump, Hitler Pig

Written by Andrew Johnson.

In an alarming disclosure, Politico has reported that Biden White House staffers have openly referred to former President Donald Trump as a “Hitler Pig.” This disrespectful term surfaced among the younger aides, gaining traction following a 2022 event where Trump met with rapper Kanye West and white nationalist Nick Fuentes. The term is now frequently used, especially when Trump’s statements stir controversy.

Controversy Surrounds The Term

The name-calling echoes within the halls of the White House, particularly during significant moments involving Trump. For instance, during a recent court appearance in New York where Trump allegedly dozed off, Biden aides mockingly remarked about the incident in text messages, referring to Trump as “Hitler Pig sleepy.”

Conservative Response

This derogatory nickname has not gone unnoticed in conservative circles, where it is seen as a failed attempt at humor and a betrayal of Biden’s promise for a respectful administration. Marc Thiessen, a speechwriter for former President George W. Bush, criticized the nickname, highlighting the lack of humor and the pathetic attempt to emulate Trump’s nickname-giving penchant.

Chris LaCivita, a Trump campaign adviser, commented on the situation, pointing out that such behavior is reflective not only of the Biden White House but also of the declining standards at Politico, which reported the nickname with a seemingly lighthearted tone.

Broken Promises

Brian Hughes, another senior Trump campaign adviser, emphasized the contradiction between Biden’s early presidential vows and the current behavior of his staff. Upon his inauguration, Biden promised to maintain a respectful tone and behavior within his administration, threatening to fire anyone who did not comply.

However, Hughes argues that this incident is another instance where Biden’s commitment to decency has fallen short, demonstrating a lack of genuine decency and honesty within his administration. Furthermore, it has been revealed that Biden himself uses derogatory language towards political rivals and international figures, which only adds to the hypocrisy.

Our Take

The use of such derogatory terms by the Biden White House not only undermines the President’s calls for civility but also damages the dignity of the office. It is crucial for leaders to set an example of respect and decorum, particularly when dealing with political adversaries. Failure to do so not only breaks trust among the electorate but also diminishes the global standing of the United States. As conservatives, we must insist on a return to principles of respect and integrity, qualities that should define not only personal conduct but also the highest levels of government.

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