Joe Biden’s Struggle with Reality. His Uncle Was Devoured By Cannibals? Really? (Video)

Written by David Whitlock.

History and reality often blur in the speeches of President Joe Biden. At 81, the Democratic leader has been repeatedly criticized for his factual inaccuracies. This trend continued this week when Biden introduced a dubious historical anecdote involving his uncle, 2nd Lt. Ambrose J. Finnegan Jr., allegedly devoured by cannibals.

The Story of Uncle Finnegan

During a briefing at Wilkes-Barre Scranton International Airport, President Biden relayed a harrowing tale of his uncle ‘Uncle Bosie,’ a pilot in the Army Air Corps. He described a mission over New Guinea, claiming his uncle was shot down in a region known for its cannibalistic tribes. Biden’s detailed account included the government’s effort to locate remnants of the plane years later.

Discrepancies in the Official Record

However, the Department of Defense’s Prisoner of War/Missing In Action Accounting Agency tells a different story. They confirm that Lt. Finnegan was aboard a Douglas A-20 Havoc which ditched in the ocean for unexplained reasons, contradicting Biden’s version of events. The record notes the loss of three crew members, with no mention of cannibalistic activity.

Questionable Comments and Campaign Tactics

The narrative around Uncle Finnegan seemed designed to contrast Biden’s supposed reverence for military sacrifices with former President Donald Trump’s alleged disrespect. Biden used this story to segue into criticism of Trump’s reported derogatory remarks about veterans, which remain unsubstantiated according to Snopes and lack any corroborative evidence from credible sources.

Biden’s Tenuous Grip on Facts

This incident is part of a broader pattern of misstatements by Biden, ranging from bizarre claims of discussions with deceased figures like French President François Mitterrand to mixing up names and nations in public addresses. His frequent factual slips raise questions about his grip on reality, which seems increasingly precarious.

Our Take: The Need for Truth in Leadership

In a time where truth and transparency are paramount, President Biden’s propensity to weave uncertain tales into public discourse is not only concerning but undermines the credibility necessary for effective leadership. As stewards of history and leaders of the free world, presidents have the duty to be accurate and truthful. Misleading anecdotes, whether unintentional or used for political gain, detract from the dignity of the office. The American public deserves better than rehashed tales and baseless slights in political maneuvering. It is high time for a return to a straightforward, fact-based approach in the White House.

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