Whistleblower: Biden Abandoned US Troops in Niger (Video)

Written by Michael Thompson.

A whistleblower’s alarming claim has exposed potential dangers facing U.S. troops stationed in Niger, amid escalating tensions with the local government.

Recently, Niger declared the U.S. military’s presence in their country “illegal,” yet the Biden administration has taken no steps to withdraw these forces. A whistleblower’s letter published by the Washington Post accuses President Biden of recklessly endangering U.S. troops by ignoring Niger’s demands for their removal.

“The troops are stuck in a holding pattern, unable to perform their primary duties and not allowed to return home,” the whistleblower stated, adding to the severity of the situation by revealing that these troops are left with dwindling supplies and support.

Congressional Hearing Reveals Shocking Oversight

During a budget hearing, Representative Matt Gaetz confronted Army Secretary Christine Wormuth and Chief of Staff General Randy George with these accusations, only to discover they were seemingly unaware of the dire conditions.

“Are you telling me you’re unaware that our soldiers in Niger are lacking basic necessities like medicine and water?” Gaetz pressed, highlighting a disturbing gap in Pentagon oversight.

The troops’ plight is worsened by logistical complications as Niger’s government has ceased approving visas for incoming replacements, effectively trapping the soldiers there.

Diplomatic Failures and Security Risks

The whistleblower’s revelations point to a failing diplomatic effort by the State Department, led by Secretary Antony Blinken, who previously hailed Niger as a “model democracy” before a military coup disrupted the nation last year.

“This situation could very well lead to a crisis reminiscent of Benghazi if not addressed promptly,” warned Gaetz, referring to the tragic 2012 attack due to similar governmental oversights and lack of action.

Our Take

The Biden administration’s handling of the Niger situation is a glaring example of its failure to protect American interests and ensure the safety of our troops abroad. Leaving our soldiers in a hostile environment without proper support or a clear plan for evacuation is unacceptable and potentially disastrous. This negligence demands immediate rectification, and those responsible must be held accountable to prevent another international tragedy akin to Benghazi.

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