Biden Administration Undermines Title IX Protections for Women

Written by Elizabeth Thompson.

Title IX Changes now prioritize gender identity over biological sex, critics argue. The Biden administration has faced intense scrutiny following a decision to overhaul Title IX, originally crafted to safeguard women in educational settings. This 52-year-old civil rights law has been reinterpreted to include individuals based on their gender identity, sparking fierce debate among conservatives. Critics argue this move dilutes the protections intended for biological women, catering instead to what they describe as an agenda driven by radical gender theories.

The Impact of Redefinition

Former Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos vehemently criticized the changes. She expressed her concerns on social media, stating, “The Biden administration’s radical rewrite of Title IX guts the half-century of protections and opportunities for women and callously replaces them with radical gender theory, as Biden’s far-left political base demanded.” This sentiment echoes throughout the conservative community, which sees these adjustments as a dangerous departure from the law’s original intent.

Title IX and Gender Identity

The rule modification, set to be implemented on August 1, expands the definition of sex discrimination to encompass gender identity and pregnancy. This shift has led to concerns that sex-based protections as initially envisioned by Congress are being overridden. Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona supports the changes, arguing they expand Title IX’s promise against sex discrimination and violence in federally funded educational institutions.

DeVos’ Stark Warnings

DeVos continued her critique, stressing the implications for young women and girls. “This regulation is an assault on women and girls. It makes it a federal requirement that boys be allowed in girls’ bathrooms in elementary schools,” DeVos commented. She also highlighted the potential risks to the safety, privacy, and competitive integrity of women’s sports, insisting that the new regulations prioritize subjective feelings over objective facts.

Clarity or Confusion?

Despite the administration’s claim that these updates clarify aspects of sex-based harassment and discrimination, many conservatives believe it introduces more confusion and unfairness into the educational system. The final rule, sprawling over 1,577 pages, aims to protect all students from sex discrimination, yet many argue it fails to address the specific needs and rights of women.

Unaltered Despite Public Feedback

Significantly, the Department of Education proceeded with these controversial sections on gender identity despite receiving over 240,000 public comments, many of which were critical. This decision has been heavily criticized by Republican attorneys general and conservative organizations, who argue that it fundamentally alters the essence of Title IX.

Ongoing Debate in Athletics

The rule concerning transgender athletes remains under review after a significant public response. Critics fear that allowing biological males to compete in women’s sports could fundamentally alter the competitive landscape, contradicting the original purpose of Title IX to ensure fairness and equality in women’s sports.

Our Take

The Biden administration’s approach to Title IX reform is a clear example of politics infiltrating education, disregarding the law’s original intent to protect the rights and safety of women. By prioritizing gender identity over biological sex, the administration not only undermines decades of progress but also jeopardizes the competitive and safe environment that Title IX had established for women in sports and academics. This rule change, driven more by ideology than by the practical needs of students, represents a significant step back for women’s rights.

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