Liberal Gets Violent At Moms for Liberty Meeting About Classroom Violence! (Video)

Written by Elijah Thompson.

At a townhall meeting in Raleigh, N.C., organized by Moms for Liberty, parents and experts convened to tackle urgent issues in the state’s education system. High on the agenda were classroom violence and the challenges teachers face, topics that resonated deeply with the attendees, some of whom had left teaching due to threats or actual violence from students.

Disruption by Left-Wing Activist

The event was momentarily overshadowed by a disturbance when a left-wing activist, clad in a COVID mask and a provocatively messaged T-shirt, caused a scene. She was escorted out by police after launching into a profanity-laden outburst for not being allowed to speak during the Q&A session. This incident highlighted the tension between community efforts to address educational issues and ideological opposition.

Political Presence and Controversy

North Carolina State Representative Julie von Haefen, a Democrat from Apex, was also in attendance. She tweeted her intent was to observe the group’s plans, which she characterized as an attack on the education system. Her proximity to the disruptive activist led to speculation about their association, which she denied.

Panel Discusses Real Dangers in Schools

The panel shared personal experiences that illuminated the dire conditions some educators face. Susie Cole recounted a harrowing experience that forced her to resign from Surry County Schools after a student she had disciplined made credible threats against her. Annette Albright discussed her assault by students at Charlotte–Mecklenburg Schools, which led to her dismissal rather than support from the district. Their stories underscored the need for serious reforms to ensure teacher safety and effective learning environments.

Moms for Liberty’s Broader Activism

Though Moms for Liberty is often recognized for its stance on COVID-19 policies or opposition to certain educational content, its focus at this event was squarely on making schools safer for both students and staff. The organization, though nonpartisan, faces significant opposition from left-leaning groups, including being labeled as extremist by the Southern Poverty Law Center—a designation hotly contested and seen by many as a politicized smear.

Political and Social Backlash

The activism of Moms for Liberty has not only drawn criticism but has also influenced local politics. Annette Albright shared that her affiliation with the group likely cost her a school board seat in Mecklenburg County. Despite these challenges, the members remain committed to their cause, prioritizing personal integrity and community values over political advancement.

Our Take

The confrontation at the Moms for Liberty townhall in Raleigh starkly illustrates the current ideological battle over the direction of America’s public schools. The interruption by a leftist activist at a meeting intended to address serious safety concerns in schools symbolizes the broader conflict between grassroots parental movements and established political forces that seem more interested in ideological conformity than in addressing tangible issues like classroom safety and educational integrity. This event should serve as a call to action for those who value educational environments where safety and learning go hand in hand, and where teachers can perform their duties without fear of violence or political retribution. It is imperative that we support movements like Moms for Liberty, which advocate for the rights and protections of both students and educators against an increasingly hostile and politicized backdrop.

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