Japan Issues Red Alert on COVID Vaccines: Causes Cancer!

Written by Benjamin Smith.

Japan has sounded a significant health warning concerning COVID mRNA vaccines. Recent comprehensive research in Japan has led to an alarming discovery about the COVID mRNA vaccines. According to the study, these vaccines are capable of triggering aggressive “turbo cancer” in individuals after just one dose. This profound finding has prompted the Japanese government to classify COVID mRNA injections as a “class one carcinogen,” a designation reserved for substances with substantial evidence of cancer-causing potential.

Profound Implications for Vaccine Safety

The study’s findings were further discussed by Professor Ian Brighthope, a respected Australian medical practitioner, who supported the classification of mRNA vaccines as carcinogens. He emphasized the broad-spectrum mutagenic properties of mRNA and advocated for an international ban on these vaccines. Brighthope’s commentary underlines the severity of the issue and the urgent need for a global reassessment of mRNA vaccine safety.

Understanding Carcinogens and Carcinogenicity

Carcinogens are agents known to cause cancer by altering cellular and genetic mechanisms, potentially transforming normal cells into cancerous ones. The process of carcinogenicity involves several stages, ultimately leading to abnormal cell growth. While not all exposure to carcinogens results in cancer, factors like genetic makeup and the duration of exposure can significantly influence cancer development.

International Classifications and Concerns

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) categorizes carcinogens based on the strength of evidence regarding their potential to cause cancer. mRNA vaccines, following this recent study, might be poised for reevaluation under these guidelines. The categorization by IARC helps in understanding the level of threat posed by various agents, including vaccines.

Global Reactions and Further Evidence

Professor Angus Dalgleish, a UK oncologist, has also noted concerning patterns among his patients, where individuals previously in remission from melanoma experienced cancer relapse shortly after receiving COVID vaccine boosters. His observations have been echoed by other healthcare professionals globally, who report similar cases and a noticeable increase in various cancer types post-vaccination.

Our Take

The revelations from Japan’s study and subsequent affirmations by medical experts like Professors Brighthope and Dalgleish signal a critical juncture in our handling of the COVID pandemic and vaccine rollout. The designation of mRNA vaccines as class one carcinogens by a country as technologically advanced as Japan should not be taken lightly. These developments call for an immediate, coordinated international response to reevaluate the safety of mRNA vaccines. Transparency, rigorous research, and public safety must guide our actions, as the potential long-term health impacts of these vaccines could pose a significant public health challenge. Moving forward, it is crucial that all stakeholders, including governments, health organizations, and the vaccine industry, engage in open dialogue and honest examination of the data to protect global health effectively.

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