Former Advisor to Obama and Clinton Charged with Serious Crimes Against Children

Written by Michael Stevens.

In a disturbing and perverted turn of events from the UK, Rahamim “Ramy” Shy, once a senior policy advisor to Barack Obama, has found himself facing serious accusations of child-sex offenses. The 46-year-old American, who also worked under Hillary Clinton during her stint as Secretary of State, was recently charged in a British court for allegedly arranging a child-sex offense and possessing indecent images of children. This is the guy who denied “Pizzagate” was real. Sigh.

Legal Troubles Mount

At the end of February, Shy was arrested by Bedfordshire Police and charged the next day. He hasn’t yet entered a plea and is currently being held until his next court appearance in June, with his trial scheduled for August. The charges cast a long shadow over a man who once played a significant role in shaping U.S. responses to global terrorism threats from groups like Al-Qaeda and the Taliban.

From Political Advisor to Pariah

Throughout his career, Shy worked closely with notable democrats such as Obama and Clinton, contributing to anti-terrorism strategies. His roles took him as far as Afghanistan, where he provided insights to the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force and targeted terrorist funding through his Treasury Department position. After leaving the White House, Shy moved into the corporate world, securing a top position at Citi Bank as Deputy Global Head of Enterprise Issue Management— a role he held until these allegations came to light. Following the charges, Citi Bank has confirmed that Shy is no longer with the company, and his professional social media profiles, including LinkedIn, have disappeared.

The Wider Consequences

The accusations against Shy are startling and bring up serious questions about how individuals are vetted for high-level governmental and corporate roles. The idea that someone with potentially such a troubling secret could climb to the upper echelons of international policy-making is unsettling and suggests a need for tighter background checks and continuous oversight.

Our Take

This case is particularly jarring given Shy’s previous involvement in national security and anti-terrorism. It’s a sobering reminder that positions of power don’t necessarily equate to moral integrity. From a conservative viewpoint, it emphasizes the need for accountability and ethical behavior, not just in one’s personal life but professionally as well. The forthcoming legal proceedings in the UK will be scrutinized, serving as a crucial test of whether justice can remain impartial, regardless of an individual’s status or past accolades.

As we watch this situation unfold, it calls for a serious reevaluation of the criteria we use to judge our leaders in both the public and private sectors. Ensuring that these standards are not only set but steadfastly maintained is essential for preserving public trust and the ethical foundations of our society.

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