Proof Biden’s DOJ Targeted Trump!

Written by James Richardson.

Diving into the Trump classified documents saga, recently unsealed court files have brought to light a rather intriguing collaboration. It seems the Biden administration, alongside the National Archives (NARA) and the FBI, have been setting the stage for a case against former President Donald Trump. The drama intensified with Special Counsel Jack Smith’s behind-the-scenes maneuvers, as he argued that Trump’s legal team shouldn’t be allowed access to exchanges between the White House and NARA. Smith pushed hard to block any evidence that could reveal this suspected coordination, including dismissing Trump’s requests to inspect secure facilities at his properties.

The plot doesn’t end there. The operation was cryptically named “[Redacted] Plasmic Echo” by the FBI, a title as mysterious as the investigation itself. Court documents unveiled ongoing interactions dating back to 2021 between NARA officials, the Biden White House, and the DOJ, all seemingly aimed at weakening President Trump.

Emails Unearthed: Peeking Behind the DOJ’s Curtains

The defense has been incredible in shedding light on the slant in this investigation. Emails exchanged between NARA’s general counsel and the national archivist discussed composing a letter to U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland concerning “missing Trump records.” Additional correspondence showed the Biden White House counsel’s office actively discussing how to handle these records. What initially seemed like routine archival work has turned out to be a calculated political strategy to keep Trump entangled in legal battles.

Moreover, it looks like NARA officials didn’t fully disclose their actions to Trump’s team, hinting at an investigation skewed against him. They even considered the timing of the Democrat-led January 6 Committee’s inquiry when deciding when to inform Congress, aligning their disclosures with efforts to maximize political damage against Trump. These emails sketch a scenario where Trump’s social media history and other details were poised as political ammunition.

Our Take

The story unraveling from these documents is deeply concerning, showing signs of political gamesmanship at the highest echelons of government. The alleged cooperation between Biden’s DOJ, NARA, and possibly other entities to target a political adversary challenges the core values of fairness and justice, posing a threat to the integrity of our democratic framework. This saga transcends the fate of one man, spotlighting the critical need to prevent the misuse of governmental power against political foes—an issue that should alarm citizens across the political spectrum.

These maneuvers underline a deliberate attempt to block a political comeback, using the judicial system as a tool to achieve political goals. As conservatives, we should insist on clarity and fairness in these legal proceedings, defending not just an individual’s rights but the very foundations of our electoral integrity and the rule of law. Without vigilance, the precedent set now could normalize political vengeance, eroding trust in our institutions and curtailing the free exchange of political ideas.

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