Shocking Surge in Texas Voter Registrations Raises Alarm Bells!

Written by Michael Thompson.

Texas has witnessed an unexpected and significant jump in voter registrations since the 2020 election, with nearly 1.8 million new voters added—an increase of about 11%. Catherine Engelbrecht from True the Vote brought this to light, suggesting that the timing is curious as Democrats escalate their “get out the vote” initiatives, injecting millions into efforts that some critics argue might not be entirely above board.

This issue took a more mysterious turn when the FBI stepped in to investigate, only for the case to seemingly vanish with little to no conclusions drawn. Engelbrecht’s recent video wasn’t just an update; it was a stark warning to Republican voters about what she sees as a looming threat to the integrity of the 2024 election. She’s raised concerns that many of these new registrations could be from non-citizens, potentially becoming a critical issue in the next election cycle.

Confusion and Concern Over Registration Validity

The plot sickened following a release from the Social Security Administration (SSA), which reported an alarmingly high number of voter registrations flagged for only including the last four digits of social security numbers. This revelation caused a stir on social media, with many questioning the authenticity of these registrations, especially considering Texas’s border state status. In a quick response, the Texas Secretary of State issued a statement claiming these registrations were not linked to non-citizen activities, attributing the confusion to misinformation—even though their own data showed significant discrepancies from the SSA’s report.

Catherine Engelbrecht highlighted the peculiar timing and nature of the state’s response, suggesting that the continuous updates from a federal agency indicate a deeper, potentially systemic issue. This has led many to speculate about the robustness of Texas’s voter registry and its implications for future elections, especially if, as Engelbrecht warns, it might be as compromised as the U.S. border itself.

Our Take

This unexpected surge in Texas voter registrations is more than just a curious statistic; it’s a warning signal that could foretell major challenges in upcoming elections. This emphasizes the urgent need for diligence and transparency in our electoral system. The conflicting reports and ambiguous government responses only serve to fuel growing skepticism about the reliability of our electoral framework.

As we edge closer to another election, the call for clear and accountable electoral practices has never been more critical. Protecting the integrity of our voter rolls isn’t merely about securing one election; it’s about safeguarding the democratic principles that underpin our nation. This issue, though currently under the radar, could very well be the tipping point in 2024, underscoring the necessity for stringent protections against any form of electoral tampering. It’s crucial that all involved parties step forward to address these issues decisively, ensuring every voter can trust in the legitimacy and fairness of our electoral process.

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