The Ray Epps FBI Interview They Tried to Hide

Written by Andrew Peterson.

As Ray Epps’ story continues to unravel, a previously undisclosed FBI interview sheds new light on his actions and intentions. Just two days after the Capitol chaos, Epps reached out to the FBI, boldly requesting to have his photo removed from the “Most Wanted” list—a move that smacks of desperation to alter his part in the narrative. During his call, his dialogue with the agent felt more rehearsed than genuine, as if he was playing a part rather than just speaking honestly. “What federal violation are you calling to report tonight?” asked the agent, underscoring the serious predicament Epps had landed himself in.

Caught in a self-spun web of denial, Epps had to admit he was suddenly infamous, thanks to his brother-in-law who noticed his picture online tagged as a person of interest. Laughing during his admission, Epps came off as more focused on saving his own skin than on any real justice. To thicken the plot, his wife, Robyn Epps, chimed in, backing up his claims of trying to keep the peace, despite clear evidence of his role in stoking unrest on January 6th.

A Tale of Two Sides: Peacekeeper or Instigator?

In the thick of the chaos, Epps’ actions were contradictory at best. On one side, he claimed to be reducing the violence, but on the other, he was caught on camera urging protestors to breach the Capitol. This sharp dichotomy paints a picture of a man who positioned himself as a mediator while evidently fueling the fire. He even went as far as implicating Ryan Samsel, a fellow protestor, insisting he was trying to calm him as the situation escalated—claims that starkly contrast the provocative calls he was captured making the day before.

Robyn Epps also stepped in during the interview, attempting to support her husband’s version of the events. However, her narrative clashes with video footage and witness statements, which tell a different story about Epps’ actual intentions and actions during the riot. Their coordinated defense in the FBI interview highlights a concerted effort to shift the narrative and pin the blame on other riot participants.

Our Take

Looking at the Ray Epps story through a conservative lens, it’s clear there’s much more going on than meets the eye. His behavior suggests that he was not just an accidental participant but perhaps someone orchestrating parts of the chaos. The apparent leniency he’s received compared to other protestors raises serious concerns about fairness and potential misuse of power in the justice system.

This case should be a wake-up call for all Americans, regardless of political stance. It highlights the dangers of potential government overreach and the critical need for vigilant oversight of those in power. In a truly democratic society, the law must apply equally to everyone to maintain trust and justice. As conservatives, advocating for transparency and accountability is crucial to ensure that every individual receives fair treatment under the law and to uphold the integrity of our nation’s judicial system.


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