Is Bill Gates Profiting from Bird Flu Fears? Inside the H5N1 Milk Scare.

Written by Michael Thompson.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently directed states to prepare for “rapid bird flu testing” following the detection of H5N1 virus fragments in pasteurized milk found on grocery shelves. This news broke around the same time as media reports about trials for a new bird flu vaccine funded by Bill Gates, which is geared toward combating the particularly dangerous H5N1 strain—an iteration not currently covered by existing vaccines. Gates has jumped into action, announcing a global plan to distribute this new vaccine, especially targeting underdeveloped countries, which puts him right at the center of this unfolding crisis.

The media has quickly picked up on this, ramping up discussions about the possible dire consequences of H5N1, with some experts like John Fulton of BioNiagara suggesting it could be far deadlier than COVID if it were to mutate while retaining its lethality. These alarming statements are coupled with reports from health professionals about the virus’s high mortality rate in humans—around 50%—despite it not yet being widespread among people. CDC’s Deputy Director Nirav Shah has publicly assured everyone that they are ready to handle whatever may come, but this hasn’t done much to ease the general apprehension.

Vaccine Trials and Perfect Timing?

As more people become aware of H5N1’s presence in dairy products, questions arise about the timing of Gates’ vaccine trials. Remember, this is the same Bill Gates who back in 2018 had predicted a devastating global pandemic and later described vaccines as a lucrative investment opportunity. Now, with the FDA confirming that the virus has indeed made its way into the milk supply—fortunately in a non-active form—the situation grows more concerning. While the FDA insists the milk is safe, their ongoing studies to determine the extent of the contamination keeps everyone on edge.

Moreover, the FDA has revealed that the bird flu isn’t just a threat to avian populations but has now spread to dairy cattle, affecting herds across several states. This new development serves as a potential boon for Gates, who could stand to gain immensely from a global rush for vaccines, especially given the backdrop of the still-lingering effects of the COVID pandemic. To some, it seems more than coincidental that Gates’ vaccine efforts are aligning so closely with these outbreaks.

Our Take

The situation with H5N1 bird flu found in grocery store milk just as Bill Gates’ funded vaccine trials get underway does raise some eyebrows. This convergence of health emergencies and business opportunities could suggest that what’s driving the rapid response and media frenzy might benefit big pharma figures like Gates more than the public. Gates’ role in this scenario, whether due to foresight or simply fortuitous timing, invites skepticism. It’s essential to critically evaluate the underlying motives of our health initiatives, making sure they truly serve the public interest and not just the financial ambitions of a select few. As this complex situation unfolds, transparency and accountability in public health responses are more crucial than ever.

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