Rep. Thomas Massie Fined $500 for Calling Out Treason in Congress!

Written by Samuel Thompson.

This past Saturday, Congress reached a new peak in drama. Lawmakers waved Ukrainian flags, celebrating the approval of a massive $95 billion aid package for Ukraine and Israel. Not everyone was thrilled about it though. Rep. Thomas Massie from Kentucky took to social media to broadcast what he labeled as “congressional treason.” This didn’t sit well with House Speaker Mike Johnson, who seems intent on making the public forget this display. In retaliation, Massie was slapped with a $500 fine by the House Sergeant at Arms for not deleting his post—an order he blatantly ignored and instead highlighted on Twitter.

“Mike Johnson really wants to memory hole this betrayal of America,” Massie tweeted out, sharing his discontent far and wide. As the aid package now heads to the Senate, where it’s expected to pass without much delay, President Joe Biden is all geared up to sign it, emphasizing the dire need for military support in Ukraine. Amid these political chess moves, Massie’s defiance throws a spotlight on the questionable motives and lack of transparency surrounding these hefty financial decisions.

Internal Strife and Policy Clashes

The plot sickens as the political drama unfolds further. Not all conservatives are on board with the administration’s push for the aid package. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene from Georgia has openly challenged Speaker Mike Johnson, threatening to initiate a motion to strip him of his leadership role if he continues to lean too heavily towards Democratic-led initiatives, especially the financial aid towards Ukraine. “Funding Ukraine is probably one of the most egregious things that he can do,” Greene declared, voicing a sentiment echoed by a significant segment of Republicans who see this as a squandering of taxpayer money.

Echoing Greene’s sentiments, Massie has thrown his support behind her motion and even suggested that Johnson should preemptively resign, much like former Speaker Boehner did. This would ensure a seamless change in leadership without leaving a void at the helm of the GOP—strategically keeping conservative hands on the reins. These moves hint at a deepening divide within the party, sparked by divergent views on national priorities and fiscal stewardship, potentially leading to a reshuffle at the top echelons of Congressional leadership.

Our Take

The unfolding events in Congress, highlighted by Rep. Massie’s bold stand and the brewing leadership battles, mark a pivotal moment for conservative politics. Massie’s fine for exposing perceived treachery is a troubling sign of a move towards less transparency in a system that should prioritize openness. As conservatives, it’s critical we closely examine these expenditures and the processes that obscure them from public scrutiny. Attempts by leadership to mute dissent point to a broader struggle about the path of fiscal conservatism and the guiding principles of our governance. Advocating for fiscal responsibility and the integrity of our democratic institutions, we must ensure they remain accountable and transparent to the American people.

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