Elitist and Privileged NY District Attorney Pulls Rank Over Speeding Stop

Written by Johnathan Edwards.

A startling incident involving Monroe County District Attorney Sandra Doorley has sparked widespread criticism after bodycam footage was released showing her contentious interaction with a police officer. The officer, who followed Doorley to her home after she did not stop for speeding, was met with a combative response. In the footage, Doorley is heard claiming she was driving “55 coming home from work” in a zone marked for 35 mph. Her dismissive retort to the police officer’s correction, “I don’t really care,” has ignited discussions about her respect for the laws she is sworn to uphold.

As the confrontation escalated, Doorley referenced Dennis Kohlmeier, the Wester police chief, in an apparent attempt to assert her influence. “You can call Dennis Kohlmeier right now,” she said, underscoring her position. Her agitation visible, Doorley repeatedly asserted her knowledge of the law and her role, stating, “I am THE DA,” as she presented her badge. This exchange raises questions about the appropriateness of her behavior and her use of her position to influence the law enforcement officer’s actions.

Community and Political Reactions

The fallout from this incident was swift, with the Rochester City Council stepping in to demand an investigation by Attorney General Letitia James into Doorley’s actions during the traffic stop. The council expressed serious concerns about Doorley’s fitness to serve as district attorney, highlighting the potential abuse of power displayed in the video. “Recent body camera footage, shared by the Webster Police Department, has raised significant concerns regarding Ms. Doorley’s behavior during a traffic stop in Webster,” the council noted in their communication to the Attorney General.

Elected initially as a Democrat and later as a Republican, Doorley’s political affiliations have seen shifts, but this incident cuts across political lines, questioning her judgment and integrity in office. Her defiant interaction, where she refused to comply with the officer’s instructions and instead called the police chief to intervene, paints a troubling picture of entitlement. This episode not only undermines public trust in law enforcement but also in the legal system as a whole, at a time when accountability in public office is more crucial than ever.

Our Take

The conduct displayed by District Attorney Sandra Doorley in the leaked bodycam footage is deeply concerning. It suggests a disregard for the very laws she is meant to enforce and a troubling sense of entitlement. Public officials, especially those in Doorley’s position, must adhere to the highest standards of legality and integrity. Using one’s role to evade accountability is unacceptable; it erodes public trust and diminishes the respect for law enforcement agencies. It is imperative that this matter be thoroughly investigated, and appropriate actions are taken to ensure such behavior is not repeated. Public officials should be examples of adherence to law and order, not exceptions to the rules they are supposed to enforce.

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