Leaked Audio Reveals NM Governor Grisham Looks The Other Way Concerning Cartel Drugs!

Written by Daniel Stevens.

A leaked recording has recently surfaced, showing New Mexico Governor Michelle Grisham in a candid critique of President Joe Biden’s strict border policies. Unlike expected criticisms of leniency, Governor Grisham is recorded frustrated over the effective seizures of drugs by border patrol, which are disrupting cartel operations that extend into her state. This controversial position seemingly pits her against federal efforts aimed at controlling illegal drug flow into the United States, aligning her more with concerns typically voiced by those within the drug trade rather than law enforcement.

The backlash from these comments was swift, as they suggest a troubling comfort with the activities of drug cartels at the expense of national security. While New Mexico has legalized marijuana, the federal stance remains unchanged, especially concerning the cross-state or international transport of cannabis, often spiked with harder drugs by cartels. Grisham’s comments in the leaked tape reveal a concern that the federal interventions are hindering what she views as the economic interests of New Mexico’s cannabis sector, which is caught in the broader net of drug enforcement.

Balancing State Needs with Federal Laws: A Complex Challenge

The leak also exposes Grisham’s concerns over inadequate border enforcement in specific zones like Sunland Park, highlighting her perception of resource misallocation—”I don’t have a single border patrol agent, not one, and people pour over,” Grisham complains on the tape. Her focus appears to be on managing the state’s image and handling media fallout rather than addressing the root issues of illegal immigration and drug trafficking. Her discussions with federal officials, fraught with threats of public backlash over drug policy enforcement strategies, underscore a significant divide between state and federal priorities.

Moreover, Governor Grisham voices deep worries about the economic fallout for local marijuana businesses, the so-called ‘baby producers,’ who face severe risks if their products are caught up in federal seizures. This economic focus, when juxtaposed with legal and ethical responsibilities, raises serious questions about where her administration’s loyalties lie— with upholding the law or supporting local business at any cost.

Our Take

This leaked discussion sheds light on the governor’s priorities, which troublingly seem to skew towards economic considerations over legal and ethical imperatives. Her apparent willingness to sideline federal law enforcement efforts for the sake of local economic interests suggests a governance approach that could potentially erode the rule of law. It is vital for public leaders to find a balance that respects both local economic realities and the overarching legal frameworks designed to protect national security. This incident calls for a serious reevaluation of priorities, ensuring that economic benefits do not compromise public safety or legal integrity. As Governor Grisham faces the repercussions of her leaked statements, it remains to be seen how she will align her future policy decisions with the broader demands of federal law enforcement and public welfare.

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