Arizona Declares mRNA Vaccines Biological Weapons of War!

Written by Matthew Clarkson.

In a groundbreaking political maneuver, Arizona has positioned itself as the first U.S. state to label mRNA COVID-19 vaccines as “Biological Weapons of War.” This radical classification comes after the Arizona GOP’s overwhelming approval of the “Ban the Jab” resolution, championed by Dan Schultz from, with a significant 96% of the vote.

The resolution, backed vehemently by its supporters, urges Governor Katie Hobbs to criminalize the sale and distribution of all mRNA vaccines within the state. Furthermore, it demands the Attorney General to seize all COVID-19 vaccine stocks for a comprehensive forensic analysis, aiming to unravel the true nature and impact of these substances.

Controversy and Conservative Backing

The core of the Arizona GOP’s resolution lies in the profound skepticism about the mRNA vaccines’ safety and efficacy. Chester Tam, reporting on SubStack, captures the sentiment driving the resolution: proponents worry about the insufficient testing and the unknown long-term effects of the vaccines. Their concerns are amplified by reports of adverse reactions and vaccine-related injuries, serving as testimony to the potential risks of these medical interventions.

This push in Arizona is not isolated. Similar sentiments have echoed through Florida, where ten Republican County Parties have passed resolutions dubbing COVID-19 injections as both biological and technological threats. These groups are calling on Governor Ron DeSantis and the Florida Attorney General to halt the distribution of these vaccines and to seize existing vials for analysis. The trend reflects a growing faction within the GOP that is deeply mistrustful of the COVID-19 vaccination campaign.

Arizona ‘Ban the Jab’ Resolution


Strong and credible evidence shows Covid 19 and Covid 19 injections are biological and technological weapons, and

Pfizer’s clinical data revealed 1,223 deaths, 42,000 adverse cases, 158,000 adverse incidents, and approximately 1,000 side effects, and

an enormous number of people have died and or have been permanently disabled after having been injected by the Covid 19 injections, and

strong and credible evidence from Sweden exists that Covid mRNA shots alter human DNA, and

government agencies, media, and tech companies, and other corporations have committed enormous fraud by claiming Covid injections are safe and effective, and

The Florida Department of Health has called for a halt to the mRNA injections, and continued experimentation on humans and denial of informed consent are violations of the Nuremberg Code and therefore constitute crimes against humanity,


On behalf of the preservation of the human race, the 2024 Arizona Republican Party Presidential Nominating Convention Delegates call upon Governor Hobbs and the state legislature to prohibit the sale and distribution of Covid injections and all mRNA injections in Arizona, and for the Arizona Attorney General to immediately seize all Covid injections and mRNA injections in Arizona and perform a forensic analysis on these so-called “vaccines.”

Our Take

Arizona’s resolution marks a pivotal moment in the ongoing discourse surrounding public health and personal liberty. It raises crucial questions about the balance between community safety and individual rights. While it’s essential to scrutinize and debate the efficacy and safety of any medical intervention, the resolution’s framing of vaccines as weapons may overshadow the scientific discourse with political rhetoric.

This stance, however bold, underscores a broader national conversation about the role of government in health decisions and the extent to which public skepticism can shape policy. It serves as a reminder of the need for transparency and rigorous scientific evaluation in public health initiatives to foster trust and informed decision-making among the populace.

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