Bill Gates Admits Nano-Tech in Vaccines.

Written by Michael Thompson.

When the world was grappling with the unprecedented challenge of the Covid-19 pandemic, health authorities worldwide hastened the development and distribution of vaccines. These measures, portrayed as the beacon of hope, were undertaken with a fervor that overlooked typical procedural transparency. Curiously, the inserts accompanying these vaccines, which usually detail the contents and possible side effects, remained conspicuously blank. Prompting an unsettling question: What were they concealing?

Driven by urgency, the rollout of these vaccines was marked by enthusiastic endorsements from global health leaders. However, hidden beneath the surface of this widespread acceptance, the essential details about these jabs were shrouded in secrecy. It was not long before some discerning individuals, wary of the omissions, began to question the narrative being pushed at every turn.

A Startling Admission

Bill Gates, a prominent figure in global health and technology, recently acknowledged something that has stirred significant unease. According to Gates, the simplicity and low cost of mRNA vaccine production belies a complex truth. These vaccines utilize self-assembling lipid nanoparticle technology—a detail that, until now, had not been fully disclosed to the general public. His admission illuminates the sophisticated nature of this technology, capable of programming vaccines to potentially administer a variety of spike protein pathogens.

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The implications of such technology are profound. The Moderna patent explicitly lists the capability of their mRNA technology to carry over a hundred different pathogens, which could be released gradually. This method could obscure the causes of numerous health anomalies emerging post-vaccination, presenting them as unrelated or coincidental. This revelation aligns with increasing reports of health issues such as heart attacks, severe cancers, and neurological diseases, which some are attributing to environmental factors or new, regular pandemic cycles.

Our Take

The recent admissions and revelations surrounding the Covid vaccines—particularly the use of sophisticated nanoparticle technology—raise significant questions about transparency and public safety in health initiatives. While the aim to combat a global pandemic was and remains critical, the methods employed introduce concerns about individual health rights and informed consent. It becomes crucial for the public to be fully aware of what they are receiving in such treatments, and for health authorities to be more forthcoming with vaccine content and potential impacts. These developments must be approached with vigilance and a critical eye, ensuring that public health measures do not compromise individual well-being under the guise of broader safety.

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