Parents Beware: Disney Has Woke, Gender-Ambiguous, Star Wars Characters

Written by Christopher Wallace.

Disney’s latest entry into the Star Wars saga, “Tales of the Empire,” introduces a groundbreaking aspect to its expansive universe. In a memorable episode of this new Disney+ series, viewers encounter a gender-ambiguous character, a decision reflecting modern conversations about gender identity. During a tense lightsaber duel involving the character Barriss Offee and an unnamed Jedi, the narrative takes a neutral stance on gender, avoiding specific pronouns until the character’s demise, when “they/them” pronouns are used.

The scene, devoid of prior gender identity discussion, leaves the audience pondering the reasons behind this choice. This marks a significant moment in the series, subtly integrating contemporary themes of gender fluidity into the fabric of Star Wars storytelling. The decision by the creators to use gender-neutral pronouns posthumously highlights an evolving approach to character identity within this beloved universe.

Responses and Reactions

The inclusion of a gender-ambiguous character using “they/them” pronouns has sparked varied reactions among the Star Wars community and beyond. Commentary from the Star Wars YouTuber, the Knights of Melvin, emphasizes the ambiguity, noting that the pronoun usage wasn’t prefaced by any explicit mention of gender identity, which has led to mixed interpretations and discussions among fans.

Under the leadership of Dave Filoni, now chief creative officer of Lucasfilm, and Kathleen Kennedy, president of Lucasfilm, the franchise seems committed to embracing what some fans describe as “woke identity politics.” This direction has not only affected “Tales of the Empire” but has also been evident in other Disney projects where themes of diversity and inclusivity are becoming more prominent. Critics argue that this shift has the potential to alienate a portion of the fanbase, echoing broader cultural debates seen across various media platforms.

Our Take

The strategic incorporation of a gender-ambiguous character in “Tales of the Empire” serves as a microcosm of broader societal shifts toward inclusivity and acceptance of diverse identities. While some longtime fans feel disconnected by these changes, it’s essential to recognize the role of storytelling in reflecting and sometimes leading societal progress. Disney’s approach, while controversial to some, also opens doors to conversations about representation and identity in media, crucial for engaging and educating younger audiences. As the landscape of entertainment evolves, it’s paramount that franchises like Star Wars continue to challenge norms and foster a culture of understanding and respect.

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