State AGs Demand Congress Defund Hamas-Loving UN Agency

Written by Michael Thompson.

In a significant move led by Utah and South Carolina, 23 state attorneys general have urged Congress to defund a United Nations agency over its reported connections with Hamas. The agency, known for providing humanitarian aid to Palestinians, faces accusations of harboring operations linked to the militant group. Earlier raids by Israeli Security operatives unearthed alarming evidence including weapons and explosives at UNRWA’s Gaza headquarters, raising serious concerns about the agency’s neutrality and security measures.

The discovery of a tunnel beneath the headquarters further complicates the agency’s position, suggesting deeper involvement or at least a severe oversight in monitoring its facilities. The attorneys general argue that the U.S. must cease funding what they see as antisemitic education efforts underpinned by a body intertwined with terrorist activities. This strong stance comes after the October 7 attack by Hamas on Israel, which has added urgency to the calls for action.

Revisiting U.S. Funding Amid Growing Criticism

The spotlight on UNRWA has intensified with the revelation of its employees’ participation in violent acts. A coalition, emboldened by these findings, challenges the continued financial support from the U.S., highlighting that past employees have had dual roles with terror organizations. Under the Trump administration, the U.S. had ceased all federal funding to UNRWA in 2018, a decision reversed by President Joe Biden upon his election. The reinstatement of funding, now exceeding $1 billion, has ignited a debate on the appropriateness of supporting an entity under such heavy scrutiny.

The reaction from various state officials underscores a divide in U.S. foreign policy and domestic security priorities. The attorneys general are leveraging recent developments to renew their call for defunding, equating the funding of UNRWA to the indirect support of terrorism. This situation poses a dilemma for U.S. policymakers: balancing humanitarian aid with ensuring that no American resources fuel organizations linked to terrorist activities.

Our Take

The decision to fund or defund UNRWA is not just about budget lines or foreign policy—it’s about maintaining the integrity of U.S. aid and ensuring it does not support or condone terrorism in any form. The involvement of state attorneys general in this matter highlights a proactive stance on national and global security concerns. It is crucial that the U.S. government scrutinizes and evaluates the impact and implications of its foreign aid, ensuring that it serves our interests and upholds our values against terrorism and violence.

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