Watch Super Attorney Breakdown How the 2020 Presidential Election Was Stolen From Trump

Written by David Clark.

On a cool Friday night, the renowned scholar and former Trump attorney, John Eastman, traveled to Michigan. He delivered a powerful speech about lawfare and its impact on President Trump and his supporters. A large crowd gathered in Lansing to hear Eastman speak, an event hosted by MI Fair Elections, Michigan’s top election integrity group founded by the esteemed Patrice Johnson.

During his speech, Eastman provided a detailed account of the alleged election fraud in 2020. He expressed concern that the Biden administration and deep state players were working hard to keep this information from the public. His story was both compelling and alarming, shedding light on issues many Americans were unaware of.

Eastman started by sharing a personal anecdote. “Thank you all so much. I start this story when I get a call from the White House switchboard,” he began, setting the stage for a gripping narrative about his involvement in defending the integrity of the 2020 election.

The Call from the White House

Eastman recounted his surprise when he received a call from the White House. He initially thought it was a joke, a friend playing a prank. But soon, he realized it was real. The President wanted him to represent him before the Supreme Court. This was a monumental task, one that his daughter recognized as a career-defining moment. She even framed the brief Eastman filed for the Supreme Court as a Christmas gift.

However, Eastman’s journey took a dramatic turn. He discovered that challenging the status quo in 21st-century America came with significant risks. He spoke about the various inconsistencies and changes in government directives, using examples like mask mandates and the controversial issue of men competing in women’s sports.

Eastman highlighted how these changes were accepted without question, no matter how absurd they seemed. This willingness to accept governmental changes blindly, he argued, was a dangerous precedent.

Election Fraud Allegations

Eastman then dove into the heart of his speech: the allegations of election fraud. He cited multiple instances where the integrity of the election process was compromised. For example, he mentioned how Bill Barr, the former Attorney General, claimed there was no evidence of fraud. But when a Public Records Act request was filed to see what evidence Barr had reviewed, the response indicated that no such evidence existed.

Eastman also shared how in Pennsylvania, US Attorney Bill McSwain was told to stand down and hand over evidence to the Democrat Attorney General. This, Eastman argued, was like asking the fox to guard the henhouse. He questioned the credibility of those investigating the election, suggesting that their bias could have affected the outcome.

He further discussed how the head of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) claimed the 2020 election was the most secure in history. Eastman found this claim laughable, noting that even Hollywood would reject such a storyline as too implausible.

Our Take

John Eastman’s speech in Michigan highlighted serious concerns about the integrity of the 2020 election. His detailed accounts of irregularities and the lack of transparency from government officials raise important questions about the fairness of the election process. It is crucial for the American public to remain vigilant and demand accountability to ensure the integrity of future elections.

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