Awesome Video: Texas National Guard Pepper Sprays Illegal Aliens!

Written by Sarah Thompson.

In March, a group of illegal aliens tried to break through a border fence. The fence stood between Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, and El Paso, Texas. The Texas National Guard was there to stop them.

Reuters shared a video on X showing the Texas National Guard using pepper spray on migrants. The migrants were trying to cut through the fence. The clip, recorded on a Monday, showed five people at the heavily barbed-wired fence. Some were using wire cutters to clip the fence.

As authorities arrived, the migrants moved away from the fence and down a hill. The video then showed the National Guard members using pepper spray to disperse the group. This action received mixed reactions online.

Public Reactions

Many people had strong opinions about the National Guard’s actions. One user reacted with, “Good.” Another commented, “About time.” Other users were pleased, saying things like, “Let’s have MORE of this!! Good job!!” and “Good stuff.”

Some users made jokes about the situation. One user quipped, “Let me get the headline for you correctly: a group of criminals were thwarted as they attempted to cut barbed wire and illegally enter the U.S.” Another user was grateful for Texas, saying, “Sad that our own federal government will not defend the border. Thank God for Texas!”

One commenter praised Texas for enforcing the law. “So nice to see an elected official actually enforcing the laws of the land!” they wrote. Others questioned the legality of the migrants’ actions, saying, “If what the migrants were doing is legal, then they would not have run away.”

Last week, El Paso County Judge Ruben Morales dropped riot participation charges against 211 illegal aliens. These charges were from a March incident where migrants rushed the southern border and shoved Texas National Guardsmen.

Judge Morales explained that the state failed to provide a transfer order to move the cases from district to county court. Because of this, he had to drop the charges. “My hands are tied,” he said. This situation highlighted the legal challenges in handling border security.

The Fence Incident

The border fence incident showed the tension at the U.S.-Mexico border. The National Guard’s use of pepper spray was a direct response to the migrants’ attempts to cut through the fence. This action aimed to protect the border and maintain order.

While some people praised the National Guard, others criticized the government for not doing enough. The mixed reactions show the complexity of border security issues. The video from Reuters sparked a lot of discussions and debates.

The Texas National Guard plays a crucial role in border security. Their presence helps to deter illegal crossings and maintain control. The use of pepper spray in this incident was a way to stop the migrants from damaging the fence.

This action received support from many people who believe in strong border enforcement. However, it also raised questions about the methods used to handle such situations. The National Guard’s role in border security remains a topic of debate.

The decision to drop charges against the 211 illegal aliens involved in the March incident shows the legal challenges in border security. Judge Morales’s statement about his hands being tied highlights the difficulties in prosecuting such cases.

This situation raises questions about the effectiveness of current laws and the legal system’s ability to handle border security issues. It also brings up ethical considerations about the treatment of migrants and the use of force by authorities.

Our Take

The use of pepper spray by the Texas National Guard to stop migrants from cutting the border fence highlights the ongoing challenges in border security. While some people support strong enforcement measures, others question the methods used. The legal challenges faced by authorities in prosecuting cases like these show the need for clearer laws and better coordination. It’s essential to find a balance between protecting the border and ensuring fair treatment of migrants.

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