25% Of Illegal Aliens Registered To Vote. Guess Who They’ll Vote For.

Written by Christopher Bennett.

A recent study has unveiled some concerning statistics about voter registration among non-citizens in the U.S., potentially affecting the outcomes of the upcoming 2024 election. According to Just Facts, a research institute, their findings indicate that between 10% to 27% of adult non-citizens residing in the United States might be illegally registered to vote. These figures emerged from an analysis that utilized the most recent data and a refined methodology, initially developed in academic circles and reported by Slay News.

The implications of these numbers are significant, given that there were over 19 million adult non-citizens living in the U.S. as per the 2022 U.S. Census. This suggests that approximately two million to five million non-citizens could be illegally registered to vote. The presence of these voters could drastically swing the results of critical elections, influencing everything from congressional seats to the presidency itself.

Moreover, the study highlights that about 6.4% of these registered non-citizens actually voted in previous elections, with a staggering 81.8% supporting Barack Obama in past presidential races. These votes have the potential to be decisive, particularly in tight races where the margin of victory can be exceedingly narrow.

Historical Context and Current Implications

Digging deeper into the history of non-citizen voting, Just Facts uncovered that in the 2008 national elections, roughly 27% of non-citizens were registered, and about 16% ended up voting. These past instances underline a persistent issue that has influenced significant political outcomes, including pivotal U.S. Senate races and Electoral College votes, which have historically swung in favor of the Democratic Party.

This trend of non-citizen voting has not only influenced past elections but poses a serious threat to the integrity of future ones, including the critical 2024 elections. Predictions from the study estimate that 5% to 13% of non-citizens will illegally cast votes in the upcoming presidential and congressional elections. Such statistics bring to light the urgent need for more robust measures to safeguard the electoral process from unlawful participation.

In response to these findings, Republicans in Congress have taken legislative action by introducing a bill that would require proof of U.S. citizenship to register to vote in federal elections. This measure aims to tighten the registration process and ensure that only eligible citizens can influence the outcomes of national elections, preserving the principle of democratic representation.

Our Take

The issue of non-citizen voting in the United States raises critical concerns about the sanctity and fairness of our electoral system. While the right to vote is a cornerstone of democracy, ensuring that this right is preserved exclusively for U.S. citizens is fundamental to maintaining the legitimacy of our electoral outcomes. The findings from Just Facts offer a sobering reminder of the potential for significant electoral distortion due to non-citizen voting.

As the nation moves closer to another election cycle, the need for stringent election integrity measures has never been more apparent. Implementing stricter voter registration requirements is a step in the right direction, reflecting a proactive approach to uphold the integrity of our elections. These measures are not just about preventing illegal votes but about restoring and maintaining public trust in the electoral process.

The responsibility lies with all stakeholders—lawmakers, election officials, and the voting public—to ensure that our elections are fair and free from undue influence. This commitment to upholding the democratic process will ensure that the voice of the American people is heard clearly and accurately, without distortion from unauthorized participants.

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