Biden Imported 434,800 Illegal Aliens (Democrat Voters) By Plane On Your Dime!

Written by David Thompson.

Under the current administration, an astonishing number of 434,800 individuals described as illegal aliens have reportedly been transported into the United States, funded by U.S. taxpayers. This figure is part of a broader concern that includes over 12 million people purportedly allowed across the border during President Biden’s tenure, not including those who have entered undetected. These arrivals have been facilitated in a manner akin to organizing a vacation, lacking the stringent vetting processes typically expected of legal immigration or asylum procedures.

This influx is strategically targeted, with a significant number of these individuals being relocated to Florida—a state known for its pivotal role in national elections. Polling data suggest an overwhelming majority of these new arrivals would support the Democratic Party, potentially shifting local and national political landscapes. This movement raises questions about the motives behind these relocations, suggesting a potential strategy to influence voter demographics and state politics.

Journalist Todd Bensman has been vocal about these developments, though his reports have largely been ignored or unaddressed by mainstream media outlets. The lack of coverage and discussion on such a critical issue points to a concerning disregard for a transparent public dialogue on immigration and its implications for national security and demographic integrity.

Geopolitical and Social Implications

The composition of these new arrivals is particularly concerning. Reports indicate a substantial number of military-age men and women from China among the recent entrants, a fact that raises significant security concerns. These individuals reportedly maintain a distance from American culture and community, choosing to speak Mandarin in public settings despite knowing English, indicating a lack of interest in assimilation.

Stephen Miller, a former senior advisor to President Trump, expressed grave concerns on the program “Life, Liberty, and Levin” about the potential future implications of these policies. He warned of plans to bring in individuals from Gaza, aiming to resettle them in the Midwest—a move that could radically change the cultural and demographic fabric of the region. This strategy, according to Miller, is driven by malice towards American values and a deliberate attempt to reshape parts of the country politically and culturally.

Moreover, these actions are taken without the consent or approval of neighboring states within these regions, which traditionally do not accept refugees from these areas due to security and cultural concerns. This unilateral decision by the federal government to relocate potentially radicalized individuals into the heart of America is alarming and warrants serious scrutiny and debate.

Our Take

The strategic relocation of hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens into key states across America under the guise of humanitarian resettlement raises profound concerns about the integrity of national elections and the future of American sovereignty. This massive influx, poorly vetted and selectively placed, appears to be more about political gain than genuine refugee aid or immigration management.

Such policies threaten to undermine the very foundation of democratic processes in the United States by potentially swaying electoral outcomes through demographic manipulation. Moreover, the lack of assimilation and the potential introduction of radical elements into peaceful communities could lead to increased social tensions and security concerns.

The actions of the current administration, as outlined by critics like Bensman and Miller, suggest a deliberate attempt to alter the political and cultural landscape of the United States through immigration policies. This strategy not only disrespects the rule of law but also disregards the welfare and opinions of the American people. It is crucial for citizens to remain informed, engaged, and vocal in their opposition to such maneuvers, which if left unchecked, could irrevocably change the fabric of American society.

The use of immigration as a tool for political engineering is not just unethical; it is dangerous. It sets a precedent that could be exploited by any party in power and ultimately erodes the trust and cohesion necessary for a vibrant and functioning democracy.

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