Watch World-Renowned Medical Lecturer: “Nearly All Vaxxed Are Suffering Strokes and Death”

Written by Emily Harrison.

World-renowned medical lecturer Dr. John Campbell has issued a dire warning. He claims that nearly all vaccinated patients are experiencing strokes shortly after receiving the COVID-19 mRNA jab. According to Dr. Campbell, data from a medical case study at Harvard Medical School shows severe brain damage, specifically cerebral ischemia, caused by the Moderna mRNA COVID vaccinations.

“This could not be a more serious report,” Campbell declared on Thursday. The doctor shared brain scan images from the study, showing dark areas indicating a lack of blood flow. This was caused by blood backing up in other regions, creating over-pressure and under-pressure in different brain parts.

The Case Study

The case study detailed a tragic incident involving a young woman. “24 hrs after receiving her first dose of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine, a 30-year-old female developed severe headache,” the study said. “Three weeks later, she was admitted with subacute headache and confusion.” Imaging showed scattered cortical thrombosis and elevated intracranial pressure, leading to a hemicraniectomy. Sadly, she died from intractable cerebral edema. Pathology confirmed thrombosis and an inflammatory response.

Dr. Campbell explained how the medical team tried various treatments, eventually opening her skull to relieve pressure. “They took away some of the bone over the skull to try and get the pressure down, pretty drastic,” he said. The victim had previously contracted COVID-19, meaning she had natural immunity and should not have needed the vaccine, especially given her young age.

Understanding the Risks

Dr. Campbell stated that researchers are unsure why the pressure inside the vaccine victim’s head was so high. It might have been due to cerebral auto-regulation, where the brain regulates its own blood supply. Dr. Peter McCullough also discussed this case study on his Substack, emphasizing the seriousness of unexpected deaths following COVID-19 vaccinations.

“We are becoming accustomed to unexpected death after COVID-19 among young persons who have taken one or more injections of the COVID-19 vaccine,” McCullough said. He noted that not all deaths after vaccination are cardiac, highlighting the various risks associated with the vaccine.

A Growing Concern

Dr. Campbell also pointed out that the pharmaceutical industry is expanding its capacity to produce mRNA vaccines. Factories are being built worldwide to manufacture this novel gene therapy technology, aiming to regularly vaccinate the global population. This raises concerns about the widespread use of mRNA vaccines and their potential side effects.

Our Take

The revelations from Dr. Campbell and the case study at Harvard Medical School are deeply concerning. The potential risks associated with mRNA vaccines, particularly the severe brain damage and strokes, cannot be ignored. It is alarming that such adverse effects are being reported, especially when natural immunity should be considered in vaccine decisions. The push to expand mRNA vaccine production globally only adds to the urgency of addressing these issues. The public deserves transparency and thorough investigation into the safety of these vaccines.

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