California Is Protecting Illegal Alien Pedophiles!

Written by Jason Miller.

California Assemblyman Bill Essayli recently introduced a bill aiming to end sanctuary state protections for illegal aliens convicted of sex crimes against children. Known as Assembly Bill 2641, this bill challenges California’s current sanctuary policies, which prevent state authorities from cooperating with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents. These policies force ICE to expend more resources to locate and detain illegal aliens who have committed additional crimes.

During a legislative session on Tuesday, Essayli forced a vote to consider his bill. As he announced the motion, Assembly Speaker pro Tempore Jim Wood cut off his microphone, halting his speech. “Thank you, Mr. Speaker. I move to suspend the rules and invoke the California constitution to withdraw Assembly Bill 2641, which will end sanctuary state protections for convicted illegal immigrant pedophiles,” Essayli declared before being cut off.

Wood explained the abrupt action, stating, “You went beyond making a motion. You started to go into debate.” He clarified that the motion required 54 votes to pass and was not open for debate. The motion ultimately failed with a 14-36 vote.

A Heated Response

Following the vote, Essayli expressed his frustration and outrage. “I’m completely outraged that when we had an opportunity today to roll back sanctuary state policies that protect illegal immigrants who are convicted of committing sex crimes against minors — we’re talking about pedophiles — that every Democrat in that building refused to support it,” he stated. His words underscored his belief that the current policies fail to protect families and communities.

Essayli emphasized the need for public awareness and action. He explained that the public safety committee had refused to even hold a hearing on the bill, leading him to force the vote. “What we did today was our mechanism in the minority party.

Essayli emphasized the need for public awareness and action. He explained that the public safety committee had refused to even hold a hearing on the bill, leading him to force the vote. “What we did today was our mechanism in the minority party. It’s what we can do to try to force it, is to suspend the rules and take the bill up on the floor,” he added.

If passed, Assembly Bill 2641 would require local law enforcement agencies to cooperate with immigration authorities. This cooperation would include detaining and transferring individuals and providing release information if the person has been convicted of sex crimes against minors.

The Political Fallout

The political implications of this failed motion are significant. Essayli and his supporters argue that the refusal to pass the bill reflects a disregard for public safety and a willingness to protect criminals at the expense of victims. “Democrats don’t want the public to know they’re protecting pedophiles, that’s why they cut my mic on the Assembly Floor! This is not democracy — it is tyranny,” Essayli stated in a post on X.

The failure to pass Assembly Bill 2641 has intensified the debate over sanctuary policies and their impact on community safety. Supporters of the bill argue that it is essential to protect vulnerable children from predators, while opponents believe that such policies undermine the rights and protections of immigrants.

As this issue continues to unfold, it highlights the broader national debate on immigration and public safety. The tension between protecting immigrant rights and ensuring community safety remains a contentious and polarizing topic. The outcome of this legislative effort may influence future policies and the political landscape in California and beyond.

Our Take

The failure to pass Assembly Bill 2641 is a concerning development for those who prioritize public safety. From a politically conservative perspective, this decision reflects a dangerous disregard for the well-being of children and communities. Sanctuary policies that protect individuals convicted of sex crimes against minors undermine the integrity of our justice system and put innocent lives at risk.

The refusal to even hear the bill in committee is a troubling sign of political maneuvering to avoid addressing difficult issues. Transparency and accountability are essential in a functioning democracy, and cutting off debate prevents meaningful discussion and solutions.

It is crucial for lawmakers to prioritize the safety and protection of citizens, particularly the most vulnerable. Cooperation between local law enforcement and immigration authorities is necessary to ensure that criminals do not exploit sanctuary policies to evade justice. By refusing to take action, legislators are failing to uphold their duty to protect the public.

The protection of illegal alien pedophiles under sanctuary policies is unacceptable. Lawmakers must take decisive action to ensure that those who commit heinous crimes are held accountable, regardless of their immigration status. The safety of our children and communities should always come first.

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