WEF and CIA Worked Together to Infiltrate American Newsrooms

Written by Emily Johnson.

A recent investigation has uncovered a troubling collaboration between the World Economic Forum (WEF) and the CIA to infiltrate newsrooms across America. According to the report, 87 reporters at NPR are allegedly working as deep state operatives for globalist organizations like the WEF. This disturbing revelation extends to NPR’s new CEO, Katherine Maher, who has a background with the CIA.

Maher’s resume reads like a who’s who of globalist organizations. Besides her CIA ties, she has been involved with the National Democratic Institute, the World Bank, UNICEF, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), the Center for Technology and Democracy, the Digital Public Library of America, and Wikipedia. Tunisia has even accused Maher of working for the CIA during the Arab Spring. Like Ivanka Trump, Maher is also a World Economic Forum young global leader.

Elizabeth Nickson from the Welcome to Absurdistan Substack highlights Maher’s public appearances, noting her ability to spout mediatized language that appeases affluent white female urban liberals (AWFULs), without addressing valid criticisms from seasoned NPR professionals. Nickson writes, “She was marched out for a talk at the Carnegie Endowment where she was prayerfully interviewed and spouted mediatized language so anodyne, so meaningless, yet so filled with nods to her base.”

The Deep State Feminist Agenda

Maher’s rise to power at NPR, a major taxpayer-funded media outlet, exemplifies the infiltration of media by globalist influences. Her resume is a testament to her alignment with globalist ideals, raising questions about the integrity of public media. This infiltration is part of a broader trend, but Maher’s blatant connections make it a wonder more people aren’t protesting this misuse of their tax dollars.

Nickson calls for more independent journalists at NPR, those who are not beholden to what she describes as “Big Daddy.” Tucker Carlson also addressed this issue in a recent interview with Aaron Rogers, highlighting how intelligence operatives like Maher are embedded throughout Washington, D.C., including in the media.

“As Carlson pointed out, all congressmen and senators are terrified by the security state, even and especially the ones on the intelligence committee who are supposed to be controlling them,” Nickson explains. She adds that the security state is so powerful and unethical that it can frame individuals with planted evidence without their knowledge.

The Crisis in American Media

The United States faces a media crisis, driven by deep state feminists like Maher who wield significant influence. The situation raises the question: Is it too late to reclaim the integrity of American media, or can we still restore what has been lost? The power-hungry deep state, now with a global and feminine touch, poses a significant threat to freedom and democracy.

Nickson asserts, “At this juncture it is a race, as the intelligence community moves to shut down the revelations of its manipulations and machinations, and people injured by the vaccine and the flagrant abuse of election integrity move to fight them.” She emphasizes that the agenda promoted by these globalist operatives is widely despised by the public.

Nickson concludes with a powerful message to these operatives: “My God is stronger than whatever demon or predator you obey. And as a woman, I am ashamed of each and every one of you.” This statement encapsulates the growing frustration and determination among those who seek to expose and counteract these deep state influences.

Our Take

The infiltration of American newsrooms by the WEF and CIA is a direct threat to the integrity of our media. From a politically conservative perspective, this collaboration undermines the trust and reliability of news sources that the public relies on. Katherine Maher’s connections to globalist organizations and her role at NPR exemplify the deep state’s reach and influence.

The presence of CIA operatives within media outlets like NPR is a stark reminder of the erosion of journalistic independence. The alignment of these operatives with globalist agendas compromises the objectivity and credibility of the news. This infiltration is not just a media issue; it’s a national security concern that demands immediate attention.

The call for independent journalists to reclaim the media landscape is crucial. We need reporters who prioritize truth and transparency over serving globalist interests. The revelations about Maher and her peers highlight the urgent need for a media overhaul to restore public trust.

The American public deserves a media that is free from the manipulations of the deep state. It’s essential to expose these influences and demand accountability. Only through a concerted effort can we hope to reclaim the integrity of our newsrooms and ensure that they serve the people, not hidden agendas.

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