Shocking New Footage Proves Government Involvement in Las Vegas Shooting!

Written by Jonathan White.

New body cam footage from the Mandalay Bay shooting on October 1, 2017, reveals possible U.S. government involvement in the tragic event. Investigative journalist Mindy Robinson’s documentary, “Route 91: Uncovering the Cover-Up of the Las Vegas Mass Shooting,” explores this shocking new evidence. The footage shows additional shots fired by government agents after the supposed end of the attack.

Questions Raised by Footage

Robinson’s documentary questions the official narrative, especially given that the additional shots occurred after shooter Stephen Paddock was reportedly dead. She tells Pat Gray, “He was dead at like 11:30, and all the police scanners picked it up. So, how do you make that mistake?” This revelation has intensified public scrutiny and raised doubts about the completeness of the official investigation.

Strange Events at the Bellagio

One of the body cam clips used in Robinson’s documentary shows gunshots and broken glass at the Bellagio, which happened after Paddock was dead. “It doesn’t match the story Lombardo’s selling,” Robinson explains. She also notes the suspicious lack of casino footage, despite the numerous cameras around Las Vegas. This raises further questions about what really happened that night.

Suspicious Activities at Paddock’s House

Another concerning detail is that Paddock’s door was reportedly open when police arrived at his house. Keith Malinak asks, “What is that alluding to? That someone went there to plant or remove evidence?” Robinson laughs and adds, “I think Paddock was a spook. So, they had to go in and take all the evidence and proof that he wasn’t.” This suspicion points to a larger, more complex cover-up.

Our Take

These revelations are deeply troubling and raise serious questions about government transparency and accountability. If the government was involved in the Las Vegas shooting, it would be a significant breach of trust and an abuse of power. This situation highlights the need for a thorough and independent investigation to uncover the truth and hold those responsible accountable. The American people deserve answers and justice for the victims of this horrific event.

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