The Hidden Truth About Biden’s Philly Rally

Written by Rachel Thompson.

On Wednesday, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris held a campaign event in Philadelphia, launching the “Black Voters for Biden-Harris” initiative. This event aimed to counter Trump’s growing support among black voters. The rally, as expected, was filled with the usual race-based rhetoric from Biden, who has a history of making racially insensitive remarks.

However, the real story lies not in Biden’s speech but in how the event was portrayed by his campaign and the White House. According to a report by Axios last month, the Biden administration has been using hundreds of “unpaid, independent content creators” to spread their propaganda. One such creator, Harry Sisson, was present at the rally and posted a photo claiming Biden was speaking to a “packed house.”

At first glance, it might seem like the event was a massive success, especially following Trump’s large rallies in New York. Biden needs to demonstrate substantial grassroots support, but the reality was quite different.

The Real Attendance Figures

New York Post writer Steven Nelson also attended the event and captured photos from an angle the Biden campaign likely didn’t want to be seen. His photos reveal that the audience was huddled at the front of the gym, filling at most half of the space. The Republican National Committee pointed out that Biden couldn’t even fill a school gym in a Democrat-dominated city like Philadelphia.

It’s important to note that this event wasn’t just targeting black voters—it featured both Biden and Harris. One would expect the presence of the president and vice president to draw a large crowd. Yet, based on the stage setup and barricades, it was clear the campaign didn’t anticipate a significant turnout, even in a liberal stronghold.

The optics were disappointing, especially for an event featuring such high-profile figures. This lackluster attendance raises questions about the true level of enthusiasm for the Biden-Harris ticket.

Manipulating Perceptions

The Biden campaign’s attempt to manipulate public perception of the rally’s success is troubling. The use of content creators to shape a narrative that doesn’t align with reality is a deceptive practice. The administration’s reliance on these influencers to push their agenda reflects a concerning trend in modern politics.

Harry Sisson’s photo, suggesting a packed house, starkly contrasts with the actual turnout. This discrepancy highlights the lengths to which the campaign will go to project an image of overwhelming support. It’s a tactic that undermines trust and raises doubts about the authenticity of the administration’s messaging.

Moreover, the fact that the president and vice president couldn’t draw a substantial crowd in a city where they should have strong support is telling. It suggests a disconnect between the administration and its base, a disconnect they are desperately trying to mask.

Our Take

The Biden campaign’s efforts to manipulate the narrative surrounding this rally are a clear attempt to mask a lack of genuine support. This approach not only deceives the public but also undermines the credibility of the administration. It’s essential for the public to receive accurate information, free from propaganda and manipulation. The use of content creators to spread a false narrative is a dangerous precedent, eroding trust in political communication and further polarizing the electorate. The American people deserve transparency and honesty from their leaders, not carefully crafted illusions.

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