Thanks Biden! ISIS Supporter Arrested for Plotting Terrorism While on Bail!

Written by Andrew Collins.

In August last year, Detroit resident Jibreel Pratt was arrested for allegedly purchasing stolen bank account information on the illicit online marketplace Genesis Market. This marketplace had been under FBI investigation since 2018 through undercover operations. During a search of Pratt’s home, the FBI discovered an AR-style semiautomatic rifle, a handgun, a tactical gas mask, boots, and goodbye letters to his family. Pratt had been in communication with FBI informants since at least February 2023, pledging his support for ISIS.

Despite these findings, Pratt was not charged with terrorism-related offenses at the time of his arrest for fraud and was released on bail. Following his release, Pratt continued to communicate with FBI informants online for approximately nine months before being rearrested this week.

Continued Plotting While on Bail

According to a Justice Department lawyer’s motion to revoke Pratt’s bail, Pratt had contacted an FBI informant posing as an ISIS member, instructing them to “DELETE EVERYTHING” and planning to jump bond and flee the country. Pratt expressed that his “drive and determination” for ISIS had only increased since his arrest and that he aimed to expand the group’s influence.

In December, Pratt again contacted an online FBI persona he believed to be another ISIS member, reiterating his commitment to jihad. “As recently as March 2024, Pratt asked the Second ISIS source to help him leave America without a passport because Pratt ‘need[s]’ to ‘make hijrah’ and ‘come to my state,'” the DOJ reported in its motion for detention.

Sophisticated Criminal Activity

Pratt’s case differs from the many teenagers the FBI has arrested for communicating with informants posing as ISIS members. The DOJ noted that despite having sporadic employment over recent years, Pratt had managed to acquire several firearms, ammunition, combat gear, an apartment, and computer equipment. Additionally, his cellphone records revealed he had amassed over $102,000 in Bitcoin.

Pratt is currently detained and has a detention hearing scheduled for Wednesday.

Our Take

The case of Jibreel Pratt highlights significant concerns about the current state of national security and the effectiveness of measures to monitor and prevent terrorism. The ability of an individual on bail to continue plotting and coordinating with supposed ISIS members raises questions about the protocols in place. This situation underscores the need for stringent measures and vigilant monitoring to prevent such threats. The public’s safety should always be the top priority, and it is crucial for authorities to ensure that those posing serious threats are adequately contained and monitored.

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