The World Edges Closer to World War III

Written by Jonathan Edwards.

On Tuesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin issued a severe warning to Western leaders, cautioning them against providing Ukraine with missiles capable of reaching deep into Russian territory. While this is not the first time Putin has issued such warnings, the implications are grave. Russia and Ukraine share a vast border, which would allow Ukraine to launch missiles deep into Russian soil. From Kharkiv, the current epicenter of the conflict, a missile could travel over 200 miles into Russia, placing critical areas like Crimea and southern Russia within striking range.

Biden’s Decision and Its Implications

Putin’s comments on Tuesday appeared exaggerated. President Biden had consistently maintained that the U.S. would not supply weapons to Ukraine capable of striking the Russian homeland. The American stance has been to keep the conflict contained within Ukraine’s borders to avoid a broader regional war. However, just 48 hours later, Politico reported that Biden had approved the provision of ATACMS missiles to Ukraine.

According to unnamed sources within the White House, “The president recently directed his team to ensure that Ukraine can use U.S. weapons for counter-fire purposes in Kharkiv, allowing Ukraine to hit back at Russian forces.” This statement implies that the U.S. will provide Ukraine with long-range missiles (ATACMS) for use in Kharkiv, despite the close proximity of both forces there. Using such powerful weaponry in this context seems excessive and is more suited for long-range targets.

The Ongoing Deception

This move is part of the Biden Administration’s broader strategy regarding Ukraine. The ATACMS Missile System, or Army Tactical Missile System, is a sophisticated battlefield weapon requiring a complete array of components to function. The American Global Positioning System (GPS) guides the ATACMS, and it operates within the framework of the American electronic battlefield, providing specific targeting for highly trained technicians. The ATACMS can be launched from either the HIMARS or MLRS platforms, two of the most advanced systems in the American arsenal.

The authorization for these advanced weapons was included in the $61 billion aid package Congress approved for Ukraine recently. The Biden Administration wasted no time deploying these missiles to the battlefield. The idea that these weapons are simply given to Ukraine is misleading. It’s improbable that Ukrainian soldiers have the training to operate the ATACMS. It’s more likely that American expats or “advisors” will handle these systems. With American-provided satellite guidance, targeting, and positioning systems, this effectively becomes a U.S. operation.

Putin’s Perspective

From Putin’s viewpoint, there’s no ambiguity. He perceives America’s support for Ukraine as direct aggression. The use of American missiles, guided by American systems and operated by American technicians, will undoubtedly be seen as an American attack on Russia. Putin has “pierced the veil” and sees through the facade, understanding the full extent of U.S. involvement.

Our Take

The Biden Administration’s decision to supply Ukraine with advanced long-range missiles significantly escalates the conflict. This move risks turning a regional war into a broader confrontation, with severe global implications. The American people deserve transparency regarding the true extent of U.S. involvement in Ukraine. It’s crucial to question whether such actions align with our national interests and long-term stability. The potential for miscalculation and unintended consequences cannot be ignored. It’s imperative to pursue diplomatic solutions to avoid further escalation and ensure global peace and security.

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