Biden Grants Amnesty to 350K Illegal Aliens! (Video)

Written by Samuel Anderson.

The Biden administration has recently terminated 350,000 asylum cases, effectively granting mass amnesty to a significant number of illegal immigrants. This action contradicts the administration’s claims of a tough stance on illegal immigration. The requirement for these cases is that the individuals have no criminal records, but verifying their behavior in their home countries is challenging.

This decision means that while the migrants are neither granted nor denied asylum, their cases are terminated without a decision on the merits of their claims. Consequently, they are removed from the legal system and are no longer required to check in with authorities. This lack of oversight allows them to move freely within the U.S. without the fear of deportation.

The Implications of Terminated Asylum Cases

The termination of these cases raises significant concerns about the inability to track and monitor these individuals. Without a proper record, their identities and histories remain unknown. This move essentially allows them to disappear within the country, creating potential security and social issues.

Meanwhile, Democrats, led by Chuck Schumer, continue to push for comprehensive amnesty and a path to citizenship for all illegal immigrants. Schumer still claims there are only eleven million illegal immigrants in the country, despite estimates suggesting higher numbers. This policy could further complicate the immigration system and strain public resources.

Influences Behind the Policy

There are claims that influential figures like George Soros and other billionaires, as well as international organizations such as the U.N., are driving these immigration policies. Soros has been vocal about his support for open borders, and there is evidence suggesting his influence on the administration’s decisions. The U.N.’s “Replacement Migration” plan aims to address declining birth rates and aging populations in developed countries by encouraging migration from less developed nations.

This controversial plan targets countries like the U.S., Germany, Britain, France, Italy, Japan, South Korea, and Russia. The U.N. argues that migration is necessary to support the elderly population and maintain economic stability. However, critics argue that this plan prioritizes ideological goals over national interests and public safety.

Our Take

The Biden administration’s decision to terminate 350,000 asylum cases without proper vetting is alarming. This action not only undermines the rule of law but also poses significant risks to national security and social cohesion. The influence of external entities and billionaires on U.S. immigration policy raises questions about the administration’s priorities and accountability. It’s crucial to address immigration issues with a balanced approach that ensures public safety and respects the nation’s legal framework.

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