World War III Alert: Ukraine Uses US Weapons, Russia Threatening!

Written by Johnathan Smith.

For the first time, Ukraine reportedly used US-made weapons to strike targets within Russia on Saturday evening. According to Russian sources, the long-range artillery system HIMARS was employed in these attacks.

War correspondent Evgeniy Poddubny shared on his Telegram channel, “The enemy has begun using Western-made weapon systems to attack ‘old’ Russian territory. These are fragments of M142 HIMARS MLRS shells.” He also mentioned that Russian air defense crews intercepted and destroyed more than ten missiles over the Belgorod region. Ukraine has yet to confirm these reports.

US Authorization and Limited Scope

The US authorized Kyiv to use American weapons against Russian targets last Thursday. This decision coincided with the global focus on the Trump trial verdict in Manhattan. US officials stated that the authorization was restricted and only applied to the region around Kharkiv, where Ukrainian forces are under significant pressure. They emphasized that there was no change in the US policy of preventing long-range strikes inside Russia.

Moscow’s Furious Response

Moscow reacted strongly to this development. Former President Dmitriy Medvedev warned that the conflict could escalate into an open war between the US and Russia, potentially leading to a nuclear exchange. “This is not ‘military assistance’ at all, but participation in a war against us. Such actions of theirs may well become a casus belli,” Medvedev asserted.

He further elaborated, “The current military conflict with the West is developing according to the worst possible scenario. There is a constant escalation in the power of applicable NATO weapons. Therefore, today no one can rule out the transition of the conflict to its final stage.”

Warnings from Putin

Medvedev’s warnings echoed those of President Putin, who earlier in Uzbekistan cautioned NATO members about the risks they were taking. “Be aware of what you are playing with,” Putin warned, highlighting the dangers of further escalating the conflict through increased military support to Ukraine.

Our Take

The recent use of US-made weapons by Ukraine to strike targets within Russia marks a dangerous escalation in the ongoing conflict. This move not only heightens tensions between the US and Russia but also brings the world closer to a potential large-scale confrontation. The implications of this development are profound, necessitating urgent diplomatic efforts to de-escalate the situation and prevent further deterioration. The international community must prioritize peaceful resolutions to avoid catastrophic consequences.

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