Illegal Alien and Shooter Granted Amnesty!

Written by: Abigail Parker.

In a disturbing turn of events, Bernardo Castro Mata, a 19-year-old Venezuelan migrant, unleashed chaos in New York City by shooting two NYPD officers while riding around on his moped. Mata’s brazen act of violence left one officer wounded in the chest and the other in the leg, prompting outrage and demands for accountability.

What adds insult to injury is the revelation that Mata’s immigration case was inexplicably dismissed after just one year, despite his criminal actions. This leniency, afforded by the current administration’s immigration policies, highlights the dangerous loopholes in our system that allow individuals like Mata to evade consequences for their actions.

The mishandling of Mata’s case is not an isolated incident but rather emblematic of broader failures in our immigration system. The lack of oversight and accountability, coupled with the administration’s lax enforcement of immigration laws, poses a serious threat to public safety and national security.

Our Take

The Biden administration’s reckless approach to immigration enforcement undermines the rule of law and jeopardizes the safety of American communities. By granting amnesty to individuals with criminal records and failing to adequately vet those entering our country, the administration is putting American lives at risk. It is imperative that we hold our elected officials accountable and demand responsible immigration policies that prioritize the safety and security of our nation.

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