Woo-Hoo! Biden’s Border Policy Allowing 5,000 Illegal Aliens in Instead of 10,000 Per Day!

Written by: Marcus Stevens.

In a conspicuous move aimed at diverting attention from the ongoing trial of Hunter Biden, President Biden is set to enact a measure today that would ostensibly demonstrate a tough stance on border security by restricting asylum claims. This executive order, as reported by Axios, grants President Biden a level of authority that has twice been withheld by congressional Republicans.

With just five months remaining before the next election, this maneuver appears designed to address one of Biden’s most pressing vulnerabilities in the polls: his perceived weakness on border security. Despite his assertions to the contrary, Biden’s recent actions suggest a willingness to wield executive power to address this issue, even as he maintains a facade of powerlessness.

The President’s intentions, however, remain suspect. His past reluctance to act decisively on border issues, coupled with his avowed preference for a more permissive immigration policy, raises doubts about the sincerity of this latest move. By making grandiose announcements that he knows are likely to be challenged in the courts, Biden seems to be engaged in political theater rather than genuine policymaking.

One cannot help but question whether Biden’s purported tough stance on border security will withstand legal challenges. Given the propensity of progressive activists to seek judicial intervention to thwart conservative policies, it is entirely possible that a sympathetic judge will halt Biden’s executive order before it can be fully implemented.

This calculated posturing by the President only serves to perpetuate the illusion of action while avoiding substantive measures to address the border crisis. Rather than seeking genuine solutions, Biden appears content to engage in political gamesmanship, deflecting blame onto the judiciary while failing to enact meaningful reform.

Our Take

The Biden administration’s decision to allow 5,000 unvetted aliens to enter the country each day, rather than 10,000, is a reckless and short-sighted policy that threatens the safety and security of the American people. By prioritizing political expediency over national security, President Biden is putting the interests of illegal immigrants ahead of law-abiding citizens.

This misguided approach not only undermines the integrity of our immigration system but also jeopardizes public safety by potentially allowing criminals, terrorists, and other dangerous individuals to enter the country unchecked. The President’s reliance on executive orders to address border security issues demonstrates a blatant disregard for the constitutional separation of powers and undermines the role of Congress in shaping immigration policy.

Furthermore, Biden’s apparent willingness to engage in political theater rather than pursue substantive solutions to the border crisis is a betrayal of the trust placed in him by the American people. Instead of working collaboratively with Congress to enact meaningful reform, the President has chosen to govern by executive fiat, bypassing the democratic process and disregarding the concerns of millions of Americans.

The Biden administration’s lax approach to border security is a clear example of failed leadership and political pandering at the expense of the public good. It is imperative that we hold our elected officials accountable and demand policies that prioritize the safety and security of our nation.

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