NASCAR Driver, Son, and Two Others Arrested for January 6 Attendance

Written by Matthew Clark.

Three and a half years after the January 6 protest, the FBI has arrested a NASCAR driver, his son, and two other men from Pennsylvania. Despite swift action in this case, justice remains elusive for a man murdered during the George Floyd riots, with the FBI failing to pursue his killer.

On Wednesday, the FBI apprehended four men on various felony and misdemeanor charges connected to the Capitol riot. Among those arrested were 75-year-old retired NASCAR driver Tighe Scott and his son, Carl Scott, 48. Also detained were Scott Slater Sr., 56, and Scott Alex Slater Jr., 26. While the elder Mr. Slater’s involvement was minimal, the others face more serious accusations.

Charges and Allegations

The Justice Department has outlined the charges against these individuals. Scott Slater Sr. is accused of obstructing law enforcement during a civil disorder, a felony, along with several misdemeanors, including unlawful entry and disruptive conduct on restricted grounds.

Scott Alex Slater Jr. faces three felonies: obstructing law enforcement, assaulting officers, and using a deadly or dangerous weapon against them. His misdemeanors include unlawful entry, engaging in violence, and disruptive conduct on restricted grounds.

Jarrett Carl Scott is charged with two felonies, including obstructing law enforcement and assaulting officers, in addition to five misdemeanors similar to those of the other defendants.

Tighe John Scott, like the others, faces charges of obstructing law enforcement and assaulting officers, along with multiple misdemeanors related to his actions on January 6.

The FBI’s Motivation

The arrests come as part of a broader effort to portray the January 6 protest as an insurrection, especially with the upcoming elections. This focus on the Capitol riot contrasts sharply with the lack of action regarding crimes during the George Floyd protests, highlighting a perceived disparity in the FBI’s priorities.

Our Take

The FBI’s arrests related to the January 6 events appear to be part of a strategy to influence public perception before the elections. By emphasizing these cases while neglecting other serious crimes, such as those during the George Floyd riots, the agency risks undermining its credibility. This selective enforcement damages public trust and suggests a politically motivated agenda. Ensuring equal justice under the law is essential for maintaining the integrity of our legal system.

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