Juror’s Facebook Comment Claims Trump Conviction. Mistrial?

Written by Luke Thompson.

In a recent development, Judge Juan Merchan revealed a Facebook comment that has sparked significant attention. The comment, posted by someone claiming to be a juror’s cousin, stated, “My cousin is a juror and says Trump is getting convicted.”

On May 30, the jury found former President Donald Trump guilty on all counts in a New York criminal trial. Judge Merchan addressed the issue in a formal note, expressing concerns over the potential impact of the comment on the integrity of the trial.

“Dear Counsel: Today, the Court became aware of a comment that was posted on the Unified Court System’s public Facebook page and which I now bring to your attention,” Merchan wrote. The comment from “Michael Anderson” read, “My cousin is a juror and says Trump is getting convicted. Thank you folks for all your hard work!!!!”

Details of the Facebook Comment

Judge Merchan noted that the comment appeared on a routine UCS notice, dated May 29, 2024, about unrelated oral arguments in the Fourth Department of the Appellate Division. The comment was marked as being one week old and was a response to a post about the Appellate Division hearing arguments at 10 AM.

“The comment, now labeled as one week old, responded to a routine UCS notice, posted on May 29, 2024, regarding oral arguments in the Fourth Department of the Appellate Division unrelated to this proceeding,” Merchan observed. “The posting, entitled ‘The Appellate Division, Fourth Department, will hear oral arguments this morning at 10,’ and the comment are both viewable at https://www.facebook.com/NewYorkCourts/.”

Interestingly, the original post and comment mentioned by Judge Merchan no longer appear on the cited Facebook page, raising questions about their current status.

Trump’s Legal and Political Future

As Trump prepares for the 2024 presidential election, this recent conviction adds another layer to his already complex legal and political landscape. The Facebook comment, if true, suggests inside information about the jury’s decision, potentially undermining public trust in the judicial process.

Trump, who remains a significant figure in the Republican party, is the presumptive nominee for the upcoming presidential election. Despite his legal challenges, he continues to campaign vigorously, aiming to secure a win later this year.

Our Take

The implications of this Facebook comment are troubling. If jurors or their close connections are leaking information, it could compromise the fairness of our judicial system. This situation highlights the need for stricter controls and oversight to maintain the integrity of legal proceedings. Public trust in the judiciary is crucial, and any actions that undermine this trust must be addressed promptly and decisively.

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