WTF? Biden Is Considering Negotiating with Hamas Terrorists!

Written by Jonathan Smith.

We’ve all seen it in countless movies and TV shows: a terrorist group hijacks a plane or kidnaps an American, and the country’s leaders proclaim, “We do not negotiate with terrorists!” If a recent NBC report is accurate, the Biden administration might be changing that stance.

According to NBC, the White House is contemplating a deal with Hamas to secure the release of five American hostages and the remains of three others, potentially bypassing Israel in the process. Two current and two former senior U.S. officials disclosed that these discussions, facilitated through Qatari intermediaries, would not involve Israel, raising serious concerns about alienating a key ally.

Risking Relations with Israel

This potential negotiation has raised eyebrows, especially given the Biden administration’s track record on foreign policy. Critics argue that this move could further strain the already delicate relationship between the U.S. and Israel. As Ed Morrissey aptly noted, “We’d rather cut a deal with terrorists than support our ally.”

The officials didn’t specify what the U.S. might offer Hamas in return for the hostages’ release. However, they suggested that Hamas could see this as an opportunity to drive a wedge between the U.S. and Israel, putting additional pressure on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Questionable Timing and Motivations

The timing of this potential deal is peculiar, especially after the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) successfully rescued four hostages over the weekend. Instead of encouraging Israel to continue its efforts, the White House seems ready to negotiate with the very group threatening Israel’s security. Furthermore, CENTCOM distanced itself from the successful rescue operation, clarifying that the IDF didn’t use Biden’s precious pier to free the hostages.

This move appears to be another attempt by the administration to alienate Israel, especially Prime Minister Netanyahu. “Not only is this effort from Biden and Antony Blinken despicable, it’s incredibly stupid,” Ed Morrissey wrote. “They want to reward Hamas for the October 7 massacre and want to punish the Israelis for grasping its existential import.”

Our Take

The Biden administration’s potential negotiation with Hamas marks another blunder in its foreign policy approach. Risking relations with Israel, a crucial ally, to negotiate with a terrorist organization undermines decades of policy and compromises national and international security. As former Defense Secretary Robert Gates pointed out a decade ago, Biden has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue. This latest move only adds to that long list of failures, particularly in his shameful and misguided treatment of Israel.

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