Video: Doctor Warns of Secret Plans to Replace Traditional Vaccines with mRNA Technology

Written by Benjamin Carter.

Dr. John Campbell has issued a stark warning regarding the potential replacement of traditional vaccines with mRNA technology. In a recent YouTube video, he claimed that global elites are planning to substitute all major vaccines with mRNA-based alternatives as part of a broader depopulation agenda. This alarming assertion points to a significant shift in how vaccines might be administered in the future.

Dr. Campbell highlighted that Big Pharma is preparing to deploy mRNA gene alteration technology across a range of ailments, effectively injecting the public with this new form of treatment. Notably, Moderna has already received government approval for their new mRNA RSV vaccine, slated for rollout later this year. Campbell also discussed plans to transition the flu vaccine to this novel technology, raising concerns about the implications of such changes.

The Transition to mRNA-Based Flu Vaccines

Discussing the impending shift, Campbell emphasized the gravity of replacing existing influenza vaccines with mRNA versions. “So as well as the RSV, we’re now getting this influenza one changing to mRNA,” he explained. “We have existing influenza vaccines, but they want to replace them with these new genetic sequence vaccines.”

He expressed concern over the practice of administering two mRNA vaccines in a single shot, stating, “This would involve giving two mRNA vaccines to the same person in the same syringe at the same injection site. This is not me making this up, honestly.” According to clinical trial reports, the new Covid/flu combo shot is claimed to be more effective than previous vaccines, which Campbell sardonically referred to as ‘progress.’

Potential Risks and Industrial Scale Production

Dr. Campbell also delved into the mechanics of mRNA technology, explaining that it causes the body to produce a specific protein—in the case of the Covid vaccine, the spike protein. He pointed out that this protein, along with the mRNA itself, does not remain localized at the injection site but rather disperses throughout the body, leading to protein production in various tissues.

Furthermore, he discussed the new vaccine’s capability to code for three different strains of flu in addition to Covid, which implies it contains four mRNA sequences. Campbell remarked, “It looks like it’s coming to a regulator near you,” highlighting the inevitability of regulatory approval for these new vaccines.

Campbell continued to outline the extensive scale of mRNA vaccine production facilities being constructed globally. “The British government’s got a deal with Moderna… same in Australia, huge new mRNA plants being built, same in Canada. mRNA looks like the future, doesn’t it? But that’s what’s happening; they are being developed on a totally huge scale,” he said. Despite his concerns, regulatory bodies are moving forward with these developments.

Our Take

The shift towards mRNA vaccines raises significant questions about the motivations and implications behind this transition. While mRNA technology represents a scientific advancement, the rapid and extensive deployment of these vaccines, as suggested by Dr. Campbell, necessitates thorough scrutiny and transparency. The potential health risks and ethical considerations must be carefully evaluated to ensure public trust and safety. As regulatory bodies are heavily influenced by the pharmaceutical industry, there is a pressing need for independent oversight to protect public health.

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