Liberal Egomaniac, George Clooney, is on a Crusade Against Alternative Media and Independent Journalism! (Video)

Written by Michael Anderson.

Hollywood star George Clooney has announced plans to leverage his wealth and influence to launch a legal offensive against alternative media outlets. His aim is to target those who disseminate information online that challenges the global agenda and exposes elite activities.

The Clooney Foundation for Justice, co-founded by George and his wife, human rights lawyer Amal Clooney, has directed its legal team to seek secret arrest warrants for journalists and social media content creators whose views clash with their own. They cite the war in Ukraine as a pretext for cracking down on anti-globalist dissent.

Ironically, the Clooney Foundation champions “tolerance” and “protection of journalists” among its core principles. However, the Clooneys appear only to tolerate opinions that align with their own, focusing on protecting mainstream journalists funded by the likes of Bill Gates and George Soros.

The Global Elite’s War on “Conspiracy Theorists”

The UN and World Economic Forum (WEF) have recently declared a crackdown on so-called “conspiracy theorists,” describing their rise as “worrying and dangerous.” They assert that conspiracy theories about George Soros and Klaus Schwab’s WEF must be eradicated from the internet, and those spreading these ideas silenced.

This war on “conspiracy theorists” is now becoming evident. The global elite have already gained control of search engines, including Google, and major social media platforms, suppressing content they find harmful to their agenda and silencing dissenting voices against the New World Order.

Now, far-left activists have enlisted Hollywood celebrities and their influential spouses to execute their plans, aiming to imprison those who seek to reveal the truth about their sinister and anti-human objectives.

Clooney’s Docket Project and Its Implications

The Clooney Foundation’s Docket Project seeks to use legal means to prevent journalists from reporting on the global elite and to stifle social media users from criticizing Agenda 2030. Free speech and the right to dissent mean nothing to the radical left.

Anna Neistat, the Docket Project’s legal director, recently told Voice of America that they are working to obtain arrest warrants by appealing to European countries with laws against “war propaganda.” She stated, “We are submitting requests to initiate criminal proceedings in countries where this provision exists in the criminal code.”

She further explained, “If the warrant is issued, it essentially becomes an EU-wide warrant through Europol. This means journalists could potentially be arrested and extradited to the country investigating them.”

The threat of arresting journalists for their reporting should alarm every patriot and anti-globalist worldwide. Nobody is safe as long as influential figures like the Clooneys are permitted to detain those who disagree with their globalist ideology.

Our Take

This aggressive move to target independent journalists and social media voices under the guise of combating “war propaganda” is deeply troubling. The tactics employed by the Clooneys and their associates reveal a blatant disregard for free speech and an alarming inclination towards authoritarian control. Using secret arrest warrants to silence dissenting voices is not only cowardly but also sets a dangerous precedent for the suppression of free press and open dialogue.

The push to eliminate alternative media and throttle dissenting opinions exposes a fundamental fear among the elite of losing control over the narrative. It’s evident that their ultimate goal is to centralize power and stifle any form of opposition. This not only threatens the core principles of democracy but also undermines the public’s right to access diverse perspectives and information.

It’s crucial for society to recognize and resist these authoritarian tendencies. Upholding the principles of free speech, open debate, and the right to dissent is essential for maintaining a healthy, functioning democracy. The actions of the Clooneys and their globalist allies must be challenged and condemned to protect these fundamental rights.

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