Bombshell Video: Trump Accuses Biden of Funding and Training ISIS!

Written by Rachel Whitman.

During a Friday night speech in Florida, Donald Trump made a shocking accusation, claiming that the Biden administration is actively funding and training ISIS terrorists in the Middle East. Speaking on his 78th birthday, Trump stated, “In addition to all his other well-documented offenses, crooked Joe Biden is now also guilty of providing material support for terrorism.”

Trump referenced information from the Border Patrol, warning, “Our country is going to pay a steep price for many, many years. This is a terrible thing that’s happened.” The claim underscores the ongoing concerns about national security and border control.

Arrests and Border Security Failures

Recent reports from highlight the lax vetting process at the border. Last weekend, eight suspected terrorists from Tajikistan were arrested in New York, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles. These individuals, suspected of having ties to ISIS, crossed into the U.S. via the southern border.

Trump has repeatedly warned about the infiltration of terrorists through the border, stating, “Untold numbers of terrorists have already crossed into the country unimpeded. They’re even being caught and released again.” This situation raises serious concerns about national security and the effectiveness of current border policies.

Assembling an “Army” of Illegal Immigrants

Trump has also cautioned that America’s enemies are assembling an “army” of illegal immigrants from all over the world to launch attacks from within the country. “I think they want to get us from within. I think they’re building an army… they have something in mind,” he asserted. This statement reflects the growing fear that the U.S. is vulnerable to internal threats due to inadequate border security.

Our Take

Trump’s accusations against the Biden administration are serious and, if true, pose a significant threat to national security. The idea that the government could be involved in funding and training ISIS is alarming. This issue highlights the urgent need for robust border security and thorough vetting processes to protect the country from potential terrorist threats.

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