Government Efficiency: Biden’s Secret Service Agent Robbed at Gunpoint in California By…

Written by Joshua Blake.

Even those tasked with protecting President Joe Biden aren’t immune to crime in today’s America. Recently, a Secret Service agent on Biden’s detail was robbed at gunpoint in Tustin, California, while the president attended a high-profile fundraiser.

The robbery occurred at approximately 9:30 p.m. as the agent returned from an assignment. During the incident, the agent’s bag was stolen, and he discharged his weapon, though it remains unclear if the suspect was hit. The Secret Service confirmed that the agent was not injured, but the suspect remains at large.

A statement from the Secret Service read, “A member of the U.S. Secret Service was the victim of an armed robbery in Tustin, California late Saturday when returning from a work assignment. The employee discharged their service weapon during the incident but unknown if the assailants were struck. We are thankful that the employee did not sustain any injuries.”

Police Response and Investigation

The Tustin Police Department provided additional details, stating, “On Saturday, June 15, 2024, at approximately 9:36 p.m., Tustin Police Officers responded to a call of a possible robbery that just occurred at the Tustin Fields I residential community. Upon arrival, officers discovered the victim was a member of the U.S. Secret Service, and his bag was stolen at gunpoint. During the incident, an officer (agent) involved shooting occurred. The suspect(s) were not located, and it is unknown at this time whether the suspect(s) were injured as a result of the incident. Officers have located some of the victim’s belongings in the area, and the incident is still being investigated. There is no known threat to the public. A 2004-2006 silver Infiniti FX35 or vehicle similar was seen leaving the scene.”

The incident has heightened concerns about safety, even for those in close proximity to the president, underscoring the pervasive issue of rising crime rates.

Political Implications and Rising Crime

The rise in crime, particularly violent crime, has become a significant issue during Biden’s administration. Republicans have seized on this narrative, highlighting the increase in crimes committed by individuals in the country illegally.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz, during an interview with Fox News, criticized Biden and the Democrats for what he perceives as their lax border policies, attributing the rising crime rates to these policies. Cruz accused Biden of accepting “collateral damage” in the form of crimes against Americans to secure future voters. He stated, “They support the open borders we have. The 10.6 million immigrants who have crossed under Joe Biden, Democrats, and the media to view them as future Democrat voters. If people have to die, if children have to be assaulted and women have to be, they are willing to accept that as collateral damage.”

Cruz also expressed concern about the heightened risk of terrorist attacks, suggesting that terrorist groups might exploit the border situation. He emphasized the urgency of addressing these security concerns, noting his upcoming visit to the border with former President Trump to bring attention to the issue.

The U.S. Border Patrol Union echoed these sentiments, criticizing Biden for his inadequate response to the border crisis and attributing the influx of illegal immigrants to his reversal of Trump’s stringent policies.

Our Take

The incident involving the Secret Service agent is a clear sign of the escalating crime problem in our nation. This situation, coupled with the ongoing border crisis, reflects poorly on the current administration’s policies and their effectiveness. Allowing crime to reach those responsible for national security sends a troubling message about public safety. It’s imperative that our leaders take decisive action to address these issues, ensuring the safety of all Americans and restoring order to our communities.

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