WTF? Federal Government’s Secret Detention Camps For Political Dissidents Now in All 50 States! (Video)

Written by Matthew Johnson.

A recent documentary alleges that the US federal government is constructing a vast network of internment camps across the country. Contrary to expectations, these facilities are reportedly not for housing illegal immigrants but for imprisoning political dissidents. This claim has stirred significant controversy and concern.

Speaking with Redacted’s Clayton Morris, former Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agent J.J. Carrell revealed that his upcoming documentary, “Treason,” includes a whistleblower exposing this unsettling development. “It’s not for these illegals,” stated former federal contractor Kristi Hutcherson in an excerpt from the documentary. Hutcherson likens the situation to the Nazis’ use of concentration camps, suggesting these new facilities will be used to process dissidents.

Whistleblower Insights and Federal Database Access

Carrell explained that Hutcherson has access to federal databases where various contracts are listed. She discovered bids for constructing detention facilities in all 50 states. “But… she says to me there’s bids for detention facilities being built in all 50 states in America,” Carrell said, adding to the gravity of the situation.

Despite the influx of illegal immigrants, many of these facilities reportedly have as many as 40,000 empty beds. Hutcherson’s findings suggest these beds are reserved for political dissidents, including those who defy government mandates or support certain political movements. According to Carrell, Hutcherson describes the facilities as resembling FEMA camps, with large white tents surrounded by barbed wire.

Implications and Potential for Government Overreach

The documentary draws parallels between the extreme measures taken during the Covid pandemic and the potential for government overreach in imprisoning noncompliant citizens. The filmmaker suggests that the federal government’s actions during the pandemic indicate a willingness to suppress dissent through imprisonment.

Carrell noted that the facilities’ appearance mirrors those used to house migrant children in New York City. “That’s what they’re building. They’re building FEMA camps,” Carrell said, emphasizing the similarity. The documentary’s claims have sparked a debate about the government’s intentions and the potential threat to civil liberties.

Our Take

The allegations presented in the documentary “Treason” are alarming and warrant serious scrutiny. The idea that the federal government might imprison political dissidents in newly constructed facilities raises significant concerns about civil liberties and government overreach. These claims, if true, suggest a troubling future where dissent is met with imprisonment rather than dialogue. It is crucial for the public to stay vigilant and demand transparency from the government regarding these facilities and their intended use.

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