Breaking: J6 Committee Declared Illegitimate! Rescinds Subpoenas!

Written by David Thompson.

A five-page resolution aims to rescind the subpoenas issued to Peter Navarro and Steve Bannon, declaring the J6 committee illegitimate. The resolution alleges that the committee’s right to issue subpoenas was improper and that some required documents were not preserved. Additionally, it criticizes the panel for promoting theories without verifying allegations with first-hand witnesses.

The resolution claims the committee was partisan from the start, with the final report tainted by decisions made by Nancy Pelosi. It accuses the committee of presenting uncorroborated evidence to fit its narrative, discredit Donald Trump, and influence future elections. The resolution also asserts that the committee withheld information proving Trump did not engage in an insurrection. The imprisonment of Navarro and the potential imprisonment of Bannon are described as unprecedented attempts to silence political opponents.

Sponsors Push for Immediate Action

Thomas Massie stated, “This does not need Senate approval. The original subpoenas were issued unilaterally from the House so that the House could rescind them unilaterally.” This statement emphasizes the House’s ability to act independently in this matter.

The resolution’s sponsors are Representatives Andy Biggs, Thomas Massie, Chip Roy, Ogles, Clyde, Gosar, Bob Good, Harshbarger, Boebert, Brecheen, Clay Higgins, Mary Miller, Barry Moore, Luna, Eli Crane, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Jim Banks, Cloud, Dan Bishop, Scott Perry, Rosendale, Matt Gaetz, Davidson, and Lance Gooden. They are pushing for Speaker Johnson to act swiftly to rescind the subpoenas and declare the committee illegitimate.

Allegations of Partisanship and Evidence Withholding

The resolution alleges that the J6 committee’s investigation was deeply flawed and partisan. It accuses the committee of presenting unverified theories and withholding exculpatory evidence to tarnish Trump’s reputation and impact future elections. The document claims that the committee’s actions were politically motivated, aiming to silence dissenting voices and marginalize opponents.

Furthermore, the resolution criticizes the committee for not preserving essential documents and for its partisan conduct. The sponsors argue that the investigation was never intended to be fair or impartial but rather to serve a predetermined political agenda. These claims have sparked significant debate and controversy within political circles.

Our Take

The resolution to declare the J6 committee illegitimate and rescind the subpoenas issued to Peter Navarro and Steve Bannon raises serious concerns about the committee’s conduct and motivations. By accusing the committee of partisanship and evidence withholding, the resolution highlights the need for transparency and fairness in political investigations. This move underscores the importance of maintaining integrity in the process and ensuring that investigations are conducted impartially.

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