Illegal Alien and Drug Trafficker Listed by Democrats as “White” in Jail After Killing Two!

Written by John Harrison.

A catastrophic incident unfolded in Colorado when Ignacio Cruz-Mendoza, a 47-year-old Mexican national, caused a tragic crash on the southbound lane of I-285, a narrow, mountainous highway located 30 miles west of Denver. Eyewitnesses reported that Cruz-Mendoza was driving his semi-truck at an alarming speed. Attempting to overtake several cars, he sideswiped multiple vehicles before losing control. The truck overturned, causing its load of pipes and angle iron to scatter across the highway, leading to a deadly collision with five other vehicles.

As a result, two people sustained injuries, one critically. Tragically, Scott Miller, a 64-year-old truck driver, husband, father, and grandfather, lost his life. Cruz-Mendoza was promptly arrested at the scene and faced multiple felony charges, including vehicular assault and vehicular homicide. However, the Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office later reduced these charges to misdemeanors: one count of careless driving resulting in death and three counts of careless driving resulting in injury. The DA’s office indicated that current evidence did not support the initial felony charges, though additional charges may be considered pending the outcome of an ongoing investigation by the Colorado State Police.

A History of Lawlessness

Cruz-Mendoza’s criminal record extends beyond this fatal incident. More than twenty years ago, he was apprehended in Oregon for drug trafficking. Additionally, he has a history of traffic violations, including convictions for speeding and operating without the legally required equipment. Despite these numerous offenses, Cruz-Mendoza has been deported or voluntarily returned to Mexico at least 16 times since 2002. His most recent deportation occurred just weeks before the crash, on May 29, 2024.

The incident has raised significant concerns about the effectiveness of immigration enforcement and the consequences of repeated illegal re-entries into the United States. The fact that Cruz-Mendoza was able to return and commit a deadly crime so soon after his last deportation underscores the gaps in the current system.

Misclassification and Legal Proceedings

Adding to the controversy, Cruz-Mendoza’s online jail records listed his race as white, a detail that has sparked confusion and criticism. The bond for his release was set at $50,000, and he remains in custody at Jefferson County Jail. This case highlights not only the immediate dangers posed by repeat offenders but also the systemic issues within the criminal justice and immigration systems.

The reduction of charges from felonies to misdemeanors has further fueled public outrage. Many argue that the initial charges should have been upheld, given the severity of the incident and Cruz-Mendoza’s extensive criminal background. The legal proceedings continue, and there is a possibility of additional charges based on the findings of the Colorado State Police investigation.

Our Take

This tragic event serves as a glaring example of the failures within our immigration enforcement and criminal justice systems. When a repeat offender with a history of serious crimes is allowed to re-enter the country multiple times, it raises grave questions about the effectiveness of our policies. The reduction of charges in such a severe case only adds insult to injury, failing to deliver justice to the victims and their families. The public deserves a system that prioritizes safety and enforces laws consistently, ensuring that those who repeatedly violate our laws face appropriate consequences.

Scott Miller’s death was preventable, and it is a stark reminder of the urgent need for reform. Strengthening border security and implementing stricter penalties for illegal re-entries could deter future incidents and protect our communities. Until then, cases like Cruz-Mendoza’s will continue to erode public trust in the system designed to keep us safe.

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