Roger Stone Predicts Biden’s Replacement in 2024.

Written by Michael Thompson.

Political strategist Roger Stone recently told Breitbart News that he believes the Democratic Party will replace President Joe Biden with Michelle Obama. Yup, Big Mike will be on the ballot! According to Stone, this move would effectively give former President Barack Obama a fourth term, drastically altering the political landscape of the United States. Stone alleges that Barack Obama’s influence, rooted in his communist upbringing and associations, has laid the groundwork for such a transition.

Stone pointed out that Obama’s background includes being raised by communists, mentored by the revolutionary Franklin Marshall Davis, and surrounded by Marxist professors. He even attended a church led by a Liberation Theologist. Stone’s comments also included a sarcastic jab at Michelle Obama, questioning if a second term would make her proud of her country again.

Stone’s Insights on Biden’s Candidacy

When asked if Biden will withdraw from the 2024 presidential race, Stone responded with confidence. Recalling his prediction at the Turning Point event in Palm Beach, Stone stated that the Democrats would soon realize Biden’s incapability to endure another campaign. “If anything, things are worse now than they were then,” Stone remarked, highlighting Biden’s declining mental state and the ongoing corruption scandals involving his family.

Stone elaborated, “It’s quite obvious. The epic corruption of his family — including his son, his brother, and others — has now manifested. Everyone can see it.” He strongly believes that Biden’s inability to continue will become apparent, forcing the Democratic Party to seek an alternative candidate.

The Increasing Likelihood of Michelle Obama’s Candidacy

Stone asserted that the chances of Biden being replaced are higher than ever. He predicts that Biden will not resign but will announce his decision not to seek re-election just before the Democratic convention. “He will throw it open to the convention,” Stone said, expressing his belief that the convention will draft Michelle Obama as their candidate.

Clarifying his position, Stone noted, “Now, I haven’t said Michelle Obama is running for president or wants to run for president, but I think the Democrats may persuade her that she could be their last best chance to stop Donald Trump’s return to the White House.” According to Stone, Michelle Obama represents the Democratic Party’s final hope to maintain their political agenda, which he views as anti-liberty and anti-Bill of Rights.

Stone also criticized the timing of the earliest debate in history, suggesting it was orchestrated to prepare for Biden’s replacement. As a seasoned strategist known for his accurate predictions, Stone’s insights carry weight within the political sphere. He urged Republicans to brace themselves for the upcoming Democratic convention in August, especially with Donald Trump potentially facing legal challenges.

Our Take

Roger Stone’s prediction that Michelle Obama could replace Joe Biden as the Democratic candidate for the 2024 presidential election is both provocative and alarming. This scenario underscores the failures and vulnerabilities within our current political system. The prospect of a candidate switch at the eleventh hour not only reflects poorly on the Democratic Party’s stability but also threatens the democratic process itself.

Michelle Obama, as Stone suggests, might be seen as a savior for the Democratic agenda, but this comes at a high cost to American values and freedoms. Her potential candidacy, influenced by the same ideologies that shaped her husband’s presidency, could lead to policies that undermine individual liberties and the Bill of Rights. The rushed nature of this transition would leave little room for the electorate to scrutinize her intentions and policy goals, further compromising the transparency and accountability essential to our democracy.

The early debate scheduling appears to be a strategic move, giving the Democrats time to prepare for Biden’s replacement. Such tactics not only deceive the public but also highlight the lengths to which the party might go to retain power. Republicans and all Americans who value liberty should remain vigilant and prepared to challenge these developments.

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