Genius! Meet Biden’s New White House Communications Director!

Written by Jacob Anderson.

The Biden administration has recently elevated Tyler Cherry, the former communications director at the Interior Department, to a significant role within the White House communications team. This move has raised eyebrows due to Cherry’s controversial background and outspoken views.

Cherry, a member of a queer DJ collective advocating for a more inclusive nightlife in Washington, D.C., is known for his distinctive style. In his official photo, he sports a mustache, a zebra-striped blazer, gold earrings, and what appears to be a mullet. Chaya Raichik, known for her outspoken commentary, shared several photos of Cherry, including one of him in a lavender dress, calling him the “queer spokesperson” for the Department of the Interior.

Despite Cherry’s unique fashion sense, any negative remarks about him are deemed unacceptable by the White House. His promotion, however, is not merely a matter of appearance. Cherry has a documented history of anti-police sentiments and has been vocal about his criticisms of law enforcement, capitalism, and U.S. foreign policy.

Cherry’s Controversial Statements

Cherry’s social media presence is a testament to his polarizing views. In 2015, amid the Baltimore riots following Freddie Gray’s death in police custody, Cherry posted, “Praying for #Baltimore, but praying even harder for an end to a capitalistic police state motivated by explicit and implicit racial biases.” Another post from the same year likened the modern police system to “slave patrols and lynch mobs.”

In 2014, Cherry made his stance on international issues clear with a post saying, “Cheersing in bars to ending the occupation of Palestine — no shame and f— your glares #ISupportGaza #FreePalestine.” He has also been a vocal supporter of the “Russiagate” narrative and expressed his disdain for capitalism, accusing the Republican Party of focusing on “white grievance politics.”

Such statements have not gone unnoticed. The Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) highlighted several of Cherry’s remarks, including “abolish ICE,” “police often don’t respond to violence, but rather incite it,” and “police brutality is state-sanctioned.” These comments have led to concerns about his suitability for a high-ranking position.

Reactions and Concerns

In response to Cherry’s promotion, eight Republican senators wrote to Interior Secretary Deb Haaland, expressing their concerns. They argued that Cherry’s anti-police rhetoric had negatively impacted the morale and staffing of the U.S. Park Police. Kenneth Spencer, chairman of the U.S. Park Police Fraternal Order of Police, echoed these sentiments, stating that Cherry’s extremist views disqualified him from holding a significant leadership role.

Despite the backlash, the White House stands by Cherry. Senior deputy press secretary Andrew Bates told Fox News Digital, “We’re very proud to have Tyler on the team.” The administration’s unwavering support for Cherry underscores their commitment to diversity and inclusion, even if it means embracing individuals with contentious opinions.

Our Take

The appointment of Tyler Cherry to a prominent role within the Biden administration raises significant concerns. His documented anti-police sentiments and radical views on various issues undermine the integrity and professionalism expected of a government official. Such divisive rhetoric can erode public trust and exacerbate tensions within law enforcement agencies. The American public deserves officials who prioritize unity and effective governance over ideological extremism.

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