Video: Trump Insinuates that Biden’s High on Coke!

Written by Michael Thompson.

On June 20, 2024, Donald Trump openly declared that he would not be underestimating Joe Biden in the upcoming presidential debate. Recognizing Biden as a “worthy debater,” Trump acknowledged the significance of his opponent’s skills.

CNN has confirmed that it will host the debate between Trump and Biden on June 27, 2024, as reported by the Daily Caller. Trump, reflecting on past encounters, mentioned a personal anecdote. “I thought he was not a smart person, and that was told to me by a certain member of the Kennedy family who was actually very friendly with me through a Palm Beach relationship. So, I was never a fan of his. But I will say, he beat Paul Ryan — still, years ago. But he beat Paul Ryan pretty badly,” Trump admitted. This past victory over Paul Ryan, according to Trump, is the reason he won’t underestimate Biden this time around. “I assume he’s gonna be somebody that will be a worthy debater. I don’t want to underestimate him,” Trump concluded.

Controversial Comments on Biden’s Alleged Drug Use

During a rally on June 18, 2024, in Racine, Wisconsin, Trump stirred controversy by suggesting that Biden might use cocaine to enhance his performance for the debate. This assertion was reported by the Daily Mail. “He’s gonna be so pumped up. He’s gonna be so pumped up,” Trump exclaimed, hinting at the possibility of Biden using substances to gain an edge.

Trump further referenced an incident from nearly a year ago, when a small bag of cocaine was discovered in the lockers where staff and guests placed their phones at the White House. The discovery happened on July 2, 2023, when Biden and his family, including his son Hunter, were away at Camp David for the Fourth of July holiday. “You know all that stuff that was missing about a month ago from the White House? What happened? Somebody didn’t pick up hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of cocaine. I wonder who that could’ve been. I don’t know. Actually, I think it was Joe,” Trump speculated, adding fuel to his claims.

Anticipated Surprises at the Debate

As the debate date approaches, expectations are high for Biden’s performance. Far-left propagandists have hinted that Biden might have a few surprises in store. CBS News senior correspondent Weijia Jiang shared insights from her sources, stating, “I was told that we should expect some surprises because this is such a critical performance for President Biden not only on the content but on his physical performance.”

The anticipation surrounding the debate is palpable, with both camps gearing up for a significant showdown. Trump’s comments have only added to the intrigue, making the upcoming debate a must-watch event.

Our Take

The looming debate between Trump and Biden promises to be a pivotal moment in the 2024 presidential race. Trump’s acknowledgment of Biden’s debate skills and his controversial remarks about alleged drug use highlight the high stakes of this political showdown. The implications of these claims, if taken seriously by the public, could tarnish Biden’s reputation and raise questions about his integrity.

From a politically conservative viewpoint, such allegations, even if unproven, can have a profound impact on public perception. They underscore the need for transparency and accountability in our leaders. The potential damage to Biden’s image serves as a stark reminder of the importance of character and honesty in political leadership. If the debate reveals any truth to these allegations, it would indeed be detrimental to the public trust.

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