Biden Allowed Over 400 Illegal Immigrants with Alleged ISIS Ties in U.S.!

Written by Matthew Collins.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) recently disclosed that it has identified over 400 illegal immigrants with connections to a network affiliated with ISIS. This alarming revelation has raised significant concerns about public safety and national security.

Federal law enforcement has already arrested 150 of these individuals, but another 50 remain unaccounted for. According to a senior DHS official, these immigrants were brought into the U.S. from Central Asian countries. The official explained that the link to ISIS comes from individuals involved in smuggling them across the southern border. DHS is exercising its authority to mitigate risks associated with this potential connection.

Despite these concerns, some officials have attempted to downplay the report’s significance. Another DHS official, speaking to Fox News, stated that there is no intelligence suggesting that the remaining individuals pose an imminent threat to the homeland. Additionally, most of the 400 illegals are not considered “subjects of concern.”

Mayorkas Denies Report’s Accuracy

DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has dismissed the report as inaccurate. During a press conference in Arizona, he clarified, “We do not have identified 400 people with potential ISIS ties. Individuals identified with such ties are priorities for detention and removal due to public safety concerns.”

Mayorkas emphasized the importance of precision when dealing with such sensitive facts. His statements aim to assure the public that DHS is taking necessary steps to address any security threats while maintaining factual accuracy in their reports.

Recent Arrests Highlight Ongoing Issues

This news comes on the heels of recent arrests involving eight Tajikistani nationals with alleged ISIS ties. These individuals were apprehended by immigration officers in New York City, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia. They had crossed the southern border illegally and were initially released by border officials into the U.S. interior. Although they were supposedly vetted, their connections to ISIS were overlooked.

These incidents underscore the challenges DHS faces in securing the nation’s borders and ensuring that individuals with potential terrorist ties are identified and detained. The discrepancies in vetting processes and intelligence assessments highlight areas needing improvement to safeguard national security.

Our Take

The discovery of illegal immigrants with potential ISIS ties is deeply concerning. The mixed messages from DHS officials and Secretary Mayorkas only add to public anxiety. Ensuring national security should be the top priority, and any lapses in border security and vetting processes must be addressed immediately. The government must provide clear, accurate information and take decisive actions to protect the homeland.

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